Still alive

Crossfit didn’t kill me yet ;). And I am still doing it. Am going to try and start using this site again to keep track of my progress. Because there has been loads of progress and loads of milestones!!! Am gonna spend some time in the upcoming days figuring out how to keep better track of it using this site, will probably be changing up the theme and pages a little bit.

Some milestones in the last few months:

  • Can do strict pull ups (max 2)
  • Can do 10 kipping pull ups unbroken
  • Max 25 double unders unbroken
  • 24 inch box jump
  • 2k row in 8m09 seconds (box record)
  • Rope climbs
  • Can kind of do a one legged squat. Or I could that one time XD
  • Hand stand push ups (no kip)

I also “competed” for the first time in a friendly competition between boxes on the coast. And I joined my first Open competition, doing all but 1 workouts.

Loads of fun, loads of progress and I can say that I’m pretty much 100% addicted to this sport.