Wendler Cycle C Week 2 Shoulder Press and Barbell Class

Pff, the shoulder press did not go so well. I messed up my weights on the second set and did 5lbs more than I should have. Which I am going to blame for doing awful on my last set.

Shoulder Press

3 x 55 lbs
3 x 65 lbs (should have been 60 lbs)
3 x 70 lbs

My rep goal on the last set was 7, but came nowhere near :(.

I did 5 push press with 70 lbs after that. But couldn’t be bothered to do more. Because it was up to barbell class next.


1. Clean drills was basically going through the movements, but one step at a time and very slowly

2. Is where we had to bar in clean position and then did the dip and drive, but not extending our arms up. So just feeling the power of our hips moving the bar off our shoulders. Then we did 5 rounds of 2 of those drives and then 1 full push jerk.

3. A nice little complex of one power clean, then a front squat, then a squat clean and then a push jerk. For 5 sets. I did this with 55 lbs.

4. For strength we did 3 sets of 10 pendlay rows and 10 dumbbell push press. I did the rows with 55 lbs and the push press with two 25 lbs dumbbell.

5. More nice mobility tricks for good stretching. We used the band to stretch our calves and we did something where you would set up in the squat rack in racking position and someone else will push your elbows up as far as possible. After that had to hang from the bar while the other pushes against your shoulder blades to push you forward (stretching your shoulders/upper back). And we ended with but against the wall and then putting legs as far down in what is basically a horizontal “squat” position.

Nice lesson again! I love these technical classes. Very different dynamic, but I feel that I learn so much. And it forces you to focus on your weak points.

WOD October 8, 2014


Every 2 Minutes for 10 Minutes – 5 touch and go Deadlifts.

My workout
Set 1 to 3: 135 lbs
Set 4: 145 lbs
Set 5: 155 lbs


5 Minute AMRAP:

– 3 Hang Power Snatches #95/65

– 10 Wall Balls

3 Minutes Rest:

5 Minute AMRAP:

– 3 Hang Power Snatches #95/65

– 3 Wall Climbs

My workout
For the first AMRAP I did the power snatches with 55 lbs and the wall balls with 20 lbs. I finished 3 rounds + 1 rep. We had a 2minute break between the first AMRAP and the second AMRAP. For the second AMRAP I finished 3 rounds.

I brought my friend from London for his first proper CrossFit workout. He liked it :).

Barbell Class October 7, 2014

I only did the barbell class today and did not do a normal WOD. The timetable changed, making it impossible to fit a class before.

I forgot to take a picture of the workout written on the board. And I find it impossible to remember the terms used for the different techniques. But I’ll try to remember what we did.

We started again with some mobility and warmup and practiced our footwork. Same footwork drill as last two weeks, but now we also did box jumps.

After that we did various practice movements.. tempo squats and snatch movements but broken down into little parts. We focused on the part where you go overhead.

Then we did a 5 minute EMOM of 2 “power snatches!” but where you would already be standing with the weight in end of deadlift position before snatching it up. And then 2 power snatches from the ground. I did them with 55 lbs.

After that we did 3 sets of 10 front squats with a 3 second hold in the bottom and then driving up fast. And 3 sets of 10 front squats where you go up a little bit from the bottom position (to just above parallel) then go down again and immediately drive up. I did a little less reps in each set (sometimes 8 sometimes 6) as, especially with the holds at the bottom, I was starting to feel a little bit faint (low blood pressure :( ).

We ended with some stretching.

Nice session again!!


Wendler Cycle C Week 1 Back Squat

It is nice to have a visitor who likes to work out. Gives me motivation to do more too :D.  We went to the box today as Rich opened it in the morning for open gym. Maciek didn’t know what CrossFit was when I first told him that that’s what I do. But he Googled it and now he wants to try it. Today we just did strength training, because there was no class. But on Wednesday he will come with me to a class. He already said that he liked the atmosphere in the box much better than a normal gym though (he normally works out at home).

I did my Wendler program for the back squat. And it went super great!!

Back Squat

5 x 90 lbs
5 x 105 lbs
10 x 120 lbs

My rep goal was only 7 on the last set. And I managed 10!! I think all with good depth!! Yay :D.

After that I did 3 rounds of 25 russian twists and 15 lunges (both with 20 lbs). And finished with a 1k row.

I did a lot of foam rolling today as well. My legs were hurting a lot since Friday (not sure from what) and the foam roller helped a lot.