WOD Friday November 28, 2014


– Shoulder Press

5 reps @ 40%

5 reps @ 50%

5 reps @ 60%

My workout:
I don’t really remember.. I think I did 5 reps with 45 lbs, 5 reps with 55 lbs and then another with 55 lbs.


A choice of either:

“JACKIE” – 1000m Row, 50 Thrusters #45lbs, 30 Pull Ups

“DIANE” – 21/15/9 reps of: Deadlifts #225/135, Handstand Push Ups

“KAREN” – 150 Wall Balls

My workout:
Above is what was on the program. But we ended up doing another WOD entirely. There is this worldwide competition going on and some of the guys signed up for it. They were going to do one of the workouts now so we decided to join in with them. It was an 8 minute AMRAP of:

  • 8 deadlifts (225 / 135 lbs)
  • 16 wall balls (20 / 14 lbs)
  • 16 box jumps (24 / 20 inch)

I did the deadlifts with 115 lbs, but messed up the counting. I only did 6 deadlifts each time… whups. I finished 2 reps shy of 3 rounds. So 3 rounds -2 box jumps.

WOD November 27, 2014

Didn’t have a great workout day.. it was raining like a maniac all day, which doesn’t really have to do with anything, but adds to the misery :p. I went to the 8:15pm class, because I wanted to see my friend who always goes at that time. Meant I had to drive back home first to walk Murphy (in the rain :p) and drive back for the class. But it was nice to see him again :).

The workout was not my favorite..


– Deadlift

5 reps @ 40%

5 reps @ 50%

5 reps @ 60%

My workout:
I went a little bit heavier. Started with 5 x 95 lbs, then 5 x 115 lbs, 5 x 135 lbs, 5 x 145 lbs and another 5 x 145 lbs.



3 Rounds For Time:

– 400m Run

– 21 KB Swings

– 12 Pull Ups

My workout:
This went really bad. My conditioning is so crap since I’m back. I can hardly run a lap without walking. And on Tuesday I ripped my hand during the pull ups so both kb swings and pull ups were horrible now. The kb swings were ok, but I really couldn’t do kipping pull ups. So I took a band to do strict ones, but even then it hurt, so I scaled the reps to 6. I also just wasn’t feeling it energy wise. Before we started I didn’t pay attention and thought the WOD was 4 or 5 rounds. I was falling behind so I started scaling my kb reps as well  and then suddenly after 3 rounds I was done. Felt a bit stupid.

round 1: 400m run (in the pouring rain), 21 kb swings, 6 banded strict pull ups (medium band)
round 2: 400m run (with a tiny bit of walking), 21 kb swings, 6 banded strict pull ups (medium band)
round 3: 400m run (with a tiny bit more walking), 15 kb swings, 6 banded strict pull ups (medium band)

Time: about 12:40 minutes I think :(

WOD November 25, 2014 and Wendler Cycle C Week 3 Back Squat

I still had to do my back squats, so managed to squeeze them in while the others were doing deload week for bench press.

Back Squat

5 x 105 lbs (47.6kg)
3 x 120 lbs (54.4kg)
5 x 135 lbs (61.2kg)

It felt quite good. I think I could have repped a couple of more out if I really went for it.



20 Minute AMRAP:

  • 5 Pull Ups
  • 10 Push Ups
  • 15 Squats

My workout:
10 rounds + 3 pull ups Rx. Kipping pull ups. They went quite well! I did rip my hand after about 8 rounds. That’s never fun. I didn’t really know what to expect of this workout, because I had never done it before. I did Chelsea before, which is the same movements and you’re supposed to do them on the minute for 30 minutes, which I scaled and even then did not manage well. So I knew I was not going to get close to 20 rounds.. The leaderboard for the girls has 13 rounds as the highest. So I think for someone who is just starting to Rx some WOD’s the result is not too shabby. Stacy (guy from the box) was a superstar and did 27!! rounds!

Wendler Cycle C and a double Month Overview

So, I actually took 2 months to finish Wendler Cycle C. My trip to Holland caused a big gap in my training schedule. I almost didn’t do anything while there. No Wendler, and almost no normal WOD’s either. So the monthly overviews are a bit mehhhhhhh, not so nice :p.

Let’s start with Wendler.


Even though I took forever to finish this Cycle, I’m not too disappointed in the results. The first week was absolutely awesome, especially on the back squats. The 3×3 week was a bit of a let down after that, but the last week (which I started Oct 22 and finished Nov 25 lol) is not too bad, considering I had a couple of weeks of nothing in between.

It is still very slow progress.. but I’m going to stick to the number. But will hopefully keep the frequency up for Cycle D so that I finish the whole cycle in 3 weeks and not 2 months.

Then my month overview. Let’s start with mid September to mid October.


I think this was a pretty good month. 2 or 3 days rest in every week. I started going to the barbell classes this month, which also upped the workout time as I would do both a WOD and the barbell class.

So.. let’s go to the worst month ever….


Yikes! I know life getting in the way is a miserable excuse for being lazy.. but.. it did really get in the way!! Oct 17 and 18 I was traveling from Spain to Holland. I started pretty good in my first week in Holland. Going straight in on Sunday and Monday.. hitting the globo gym for some strength on Wednesday and finishing that week with a Saturday WOD. But after that it was just so hard to make the time / have the energy.

I will move back to Holland early next year (March).. so hopefully above overview will not be any indication of how my workout schedule will be there :p. Nah.. it was just a hectic time with family pretty much taking control over my schedule. I’m back on track now here in Spain (I traveled back on the 12th/13th/14th).

WOD November 24, 2014

We did Grace! And I improved :D.



For Time:

– 30 Clean and Jerks 135/95lbs

My workout:
Last time I did Grace was September 2 (that was also the first time I did Grace). Then I used 65 lbs (29.5kg) and took 4 min and 13 seconds. Today I used 70 lbs (31.8kg) and took 3 min and 58 seconds :D. Improvement!! Oh yea!! It didn’t go flawless though, I missed one rep because I hit my face with the bar :s. So I have a nice bump on my chin now. But other than that it went great! I’m putting on an extra 5 lbs again next time :D.

Before the WOD we did back squats, but with deload weights. I did 3 x5 with 95 lbs, 95 lbs and 115 lbs.

Sunday morning run

I guess it was more of a jog. I wanted to go for 5km.. but then I got tired :p.. and decided to go for 30 min, which only got me to 4.11km. I took my first walking break after 15 minutes and it kind of went downhill from there :(. I really want to run more though. Hopefully it goes better next time. I really want to get to 5km in 30 minutes!!

It was really nice weather btw. 22 degrees with the sun out. I was running sleeveless. At the end of November hehe. Gotta love Spain!


WOD November 21, 2014 and Wendler Cycle C Week 3 Shoulder Press (again)

Shoulder Press

5 x 55 lbs (25kg)
3 x 65 lbs (30kg)
5 x 70 lbs (32kg)

I did 1 rep more on the last round than last time, so I’m very pleased :).


In Pairs:

You Go, I Go ” Bear Complex” x 2 reps per partner.

Complete as many rounds as possible in 15 Minutes.

My workout:
We were with an uneven number so I went by myself. I used 75 lbs. My first 2 reps took me 40 seconds so I tried to take 40 seconds breaks in between. In the end my reps were a little slower and I took breaks up to a minute. I did 16 reps in total (8×2).

Bear complex btw is:
– power clean
– front squat
– shoulder press
– back squat
– shoulder press from back

WOD November 19, 2014 and Wendler Cycle C Week 3 Deadlift (again)

I redid the deadlift cycle I already did a couple of weeks ago. It’s what came up on the program now and since I haven’t really been keeping my schedule I thought it couldn’t hurt to do it again. But first we did a WOD.


12 min EMOM of

  • 2 power snatches and 2 overhead squats

My workout:
Rich used me as an example for demo-ing the moves. That was a first and kind of scary haha. I hope I did well. I had to show high pulls and hang power snatches and power snatches and overhead squats with the pvc pipe a couple of times. I had to do it so that they could look at me from the side. Very nerve wrecking, because I still struggle with my form lol. But I guess he thought I was ok enough to use as an example :). I did the workout with just a 20kg bar as I was already feeling a bit dizzy during the warmup. And I still struggled during the workout… I started feeling faint after the first few minutes.. Stupid blood pressure :(. I skipped 3 minutes of overhead squats (so just did the snatches those minutes), because I was afraid I would seriously pass out.. but other than that I managed to finish it. I hate feeling so weak :(. I felt really wobbly in the overhead squats too. Not comfortable at all!!

After that we did the deadlifts.


5 x 135 lbs (61.2 kg)
3 x 155 lbs (70.3 kg)
5 x 170 lbs (77.1 kg)

That felt much nicer. I did the exact same weights and reps as last time. The 5 x 170 lbs felt really heavy.. so I think it’s good I redid this one to get back on track. But no more faintness during the lifting :). Friday Rich has the shoulder press for 5-3-1 scheduled. I will repeat last ones one for that one as well. I still have to do the back squat for that Wendler week, but in the box they have already done those, so I think I will do them in the weekend :).

Wendler Cycle C Week 2 Bench Press and WOD 17 November, 2014

Third day in a row. I think I’m back on track!! :D Rich started programming Wendler into the normal program, which is great for me, because now I don’t have to do it next to the WOD’s, which saves me time and also it means that the WOD’s he programs next to it will probably match with the strength bit better than when I pick and choose which WOD/exercises I would do after.

Bench Press 5-3-1

5 x 70 lbs (31.8kg)
3 x 80 lbs (36.3kg)
7 x 90 lbs (40.8kg)

My rep goal was 9, but I’m quite happy with 7, keeping in mind that I haven’t done any strength workouts for almost a month.


For time: 21-15-9 reps of

  • Ring dips
  • Toes to bar

My workout:
I scaled the ring dips to jumping ring dips and I did knees to elbow instead of toes to bar. My time was 5 min 28 sec.


For time: 21-15-9 reps of

  • Row (calories)
  • Jump over rower burpees

My workout:
My time was 8 min and 57 seconds. And boy was that hard!! The jumps over the rower were the hardest part… but managed to keep on going :). I felt like I pushed my limits on this one and it felt good!!

Sunday WOD November 16, 2014

Back on to traditions straight away. Maria asked me to come in and train on Sunday afternoon so off I went. It was actually quite busy so we all did a WOD together. We did Mark’s complex, which he always does on Sunday. Which is an EMOM with 3 movements.


24 min EMOM:
1. Mark complex (1 clean, 1 squat clean, 1 thruster, 1 push press)
2. 8 lateral burpees
3. Mark complex
4. 12 box jumps 20 inch

The idea is to go quite heavy on the barbell, but I thought it would be best to not go too heavy. I also wanted to scale the burpees and box jumps to 6 and 8, but somehow started with 8 burpees anyway. This is what I ended up doing.

My workout:
Min 1: Mark complex with 65 lbs
Min 2: 8 lateral burpees
Min 3: Mark complex with 65 lbs
Min 4: 8 box jumps
Min 5: Mark complex 65 lbs
Min 6: 8 lateral burpees
Min 7: Mark complex 65 lbs
Min 8: 8 box jumps
Min 9: Mark complex 75 lbs
Min 10: 6 lateral burpees
Min 11: Mark complex 75 lbs
Min 12: 8 box jumps
Min 13: Mark complex 75 lbs
Min 14: 6 lateral burpees
Min 15: Mark complex 75 lbs
Min 16: 8 box jumps
Min 17: Mark complex 75 lbs
Min 18: 6 lateral burpees
Min 19: Mark complex 75 lbs
Min 20: 8 box jumps
Min 21: Mark complex 75 lbs
Min 22: 6 lateral burpees
Min 23: Mark complex 75 lbs
Min 24: 8 box jumps

And trust me.. that gets your heart rate up! Nice workout though. I think I will definitely do it more often and see if I can bump up the weight.