Last 2014 Monthly Overview

I decided to start doing the month overviews on full months. Which leaves me with half a month in 2014 to cover before moving forward.

Not a very good 2 weeks. I was sick all throughout December. I still did some workouts here and there, but usually not at full intensity.



Anyway, I’m feeling much better now and excited about a “fresh start” for the new year!

2014 overview



Christmas WOD December 26, 2014

On Christmas Eve I sprained my rib during a coughing fit. Not badly, but it hurt a little bit. On Boxing Day however I decided to do a little WOD called the 12 days of Christmas. Horrible! I shouldn’t really have done it either, because the next day I could hardly move.

I did make a funny vid of my last round (full 12 days).


The way it works is that you keep repeating everything from the first day, so it goes like this

1 handstand

1 handstand, 2 dips

1 handstand, 2 dips, 3 burpees

1 handstand, 2 dips, 3 burpees, 4 push ups


In the end, it’s a whole lot of work!


WOD December 24, 2014

Almost Christmas time! I’m kind of skipping Christmas this year though. It will be the first year for me without family.. so I will just pretend that Santa is not around!

I am a bit annoyed, because I made a video of me doing 5 strict hand stand pushups and my computer froze while I was editing it and it somehow deleted my whole file :(. I already deleted it from my phone as well, so bye bye video. Grr.

Anyway… I am still poorly. It comes and goes with ups and downs. It’s only the cough really.. but the cough makes my ribs have constant muscle ache.. and I just have no energy. So.. I have not been working out very much. As a side effect I have been eating horribly (could also be all the Christmas chocolates in the supermarkets that I can’t resist).

So.. yea.. not feeling my best, but still trying to get some workouts in.

The box closed from today until after Christmas, but good thing I’m friend with the people that have the keys ghehehe. Maria and I went today at 3pm, just the two of us. We did an EMOM.


EMOM for 21 minutes

  • 1 min: 5 hand stand push ups (strict)
  • 2 min: 15 kb swings 16kg
  • 3 min: 6 overhead squats 1kg

My workout:
I did the first 2 rounds of hand sstand push ups with one abmat. After that I added a 10 lbs plater under it, to be able to keep doing them strict all the way through. I chose to do overhead squats with just the 15kg bar. It’s not heavy, but nice to get some overhead squats in as I never do them… The kb swings were the hardest for me. I did all rounds unbroken, so that’s a yay for me. After the workout I got a bit of a coughing fit.. grrrr. We did a little bit of muscle up progressions afterwards. Was a good workout for me today!

WOD December 21, 2014

I had 0 energy today bur forced myself to go anyway. Luckily the others thought of a WOD to do so I could just join in.


7 rounds of:

  • 7 wall balls 14 lbs
  • 7 chin ups
  • 7 box jumps 20 inch
  • 7 burpees
  • 7 push ups
  • 7 b swings 16kg

My workout:
I changed the chin ups to 2 so I could do strict ones. I started feeling like dying in the third round and decided to change the 7 rounds to 5. I managed the 5 in 19 minutes and 8 seconds. Almost passed out.. but was happy I did something anyway, because I was reaaaaaaally low on energy this day.

WOD December 18, 2014

Nobody showed up for class so we just started messing around a bit. I did a lot of handstand push up practice and did a little EMOM with 4 hand stand push ups (strict with 1 abmat) on 1 minute and 10 front squats with 55 lbs on the other. Did that for about 10 minutes. Then just did more hand stand practice. I tried to do a handstand pushup with 25 lbs plates (with 1 abmat so that is supposed to be the same as Rx without abmat), but couldn’t do it. I tried with 10 lbs plates… and after a couple of failed tried I managed once. But I didn’t really touched the abmat proper.. maybe my hair only hit it lol… Didn’t feel like a proper rep anyway. Here is the vid, judge for yourself.


WOD December 16, 2014

I couldn’t help myself and went in for the WOD yesterday after all. And I’m so glad I did! It went so much better than the day before. I finally felt like I had a proper workout again and felt as you’re supposed to feel during and after.


7 Minute AMRAP:

– 14 DB Snatches

– 8 Box Jumps

Rest 3´

7 Minute AMRAP:

– 250m Row

– 35 Double Unders

Rest 3´

7 Minute AMRAP:

– 15 DB/KB Thrusters

– 5 Burpees

Rest 3´

– 1 Mile Run

My workout:
– Fort the first AMRAP I used a 25 lbs (11.3kg) dumbbell and 20 inch box. I did 3 full rounds + 11 reps. We had to alternate hands on the snatches each rep so that slowed me down a bit.

– Second AMRAP went the worst. I started on a rower that didn’t work.. so had to switch.. which cost me at least 30 seconds.. Then my double unders were absolute shit. I did 20 instead of 35. But only managed 2 full rounds + 200m

– Thrusters.. Hate them! I did them with two 8kg kettlebells. My arms were kind of beat after the first round. Second round took me a long time. Only managed 2 full rounds + 1 thruster.

– We were supposed to finish with four 400m laps, but nobody really did. Some ran 1, some ran 2, a few ran 4. I only ran 1. I could really feel my legs!! But not going to feel guilty about it this time, because I think I did pretty good for someone who has felt so weak for the last two weeks.

Hopefully back on the right track now.

Monthly Overview Nov/Dec

Well, it’s better than last month.. but the last two weeks of being sick kind of ruined the scores again. I really want to get some consistency back.

I only just started with Wendler Cycle D, so no update on that. I’m actually thinking of forgetting about Wendler for a while… I kind of feel the need to focus a bit more on my conditioning as I feel that I am completely out of shape in that regards.


WOD December 15, 2014

After another weekend of hanging on the couch I thought I’d give it a try again. I am still coughing… still not 100%.. and the WOD ruined me. I couldn’t finish.. I got some back pain as well :s. So I decided to stop after the first WOD.

WOD 1:

EMOM 12″

– 5 Power Cleans

– 3 Front Squats

– 1 Jerk

My workout: 
I used 65 lbs (29.5kg). Which is not heavy for me at all.. The weight was ok.. I just.. after the first 6 minutes I could feel a little annoyance in my back.. (I have felt this before in the past 2 weeks, I think my coughing started it.) I changed to 3-2-1 for a couple of minutes. Then completely skipped the 11th minute. It didn’t feel good…. And I learned a valuable lesson from a friend of mine:


So I decided to stop and not do this next WOD…

WOD 2:

4 RFT:

– 10 Pull Ups

– 20 Wall Balls

– 30 KB Swings

– 400m Run

My workout:
Instead I just did some long foam rolling and stretching. Used a lacrosse ball on my back as well and the pain completely disappeared after a while. I did go for a cool down 400m run as well. I think it was smart. That second WOD is a killer on it’s own and after that barbell work… I don’t think my back would have been too happy with those kb swings either.

So yea.. I think I made the right decision. But never fun to not be able to stick to the program.

I’m still struggling in deciding what is best for me.. keep going and just scale more than usual…. or take it easy and skip another day. I think I’m going to do one day on, one day off this week.. to go 3 or 4 times this week. I’m still coughing worse again today than I did yesterday, so I don’t really feel like Crossfit is making it any better at the moment :(.

WOD December 10, 2014

I’m still sick and it feels like it’s starting to get worse again. But my workout went quite alright.. it’s only after that I felt worse again. So I think I’m going to take another quiet weekend without Crossfit :(.


3 Rounds For Max Weight/Reps:

– Max Unbroken KB Swings

– Max Unbroken Handstand Push Ups/ Handstand Hold

My workout:
I used a 20kg kettlebell, which I have never used before. I did 15 reps in the first round and 10 reps in the other two rounds. The handstand push ups had to be strict. I used one abmat and did 5 reps in the first round, 5 in the second and 3 in the third.


With a 10 Minute Running Clock:

0- 1  Shoulder To Overhead #115/75

1 – 3 Power Cleans

3- 6 Front Squats

6 – 10 Deadlifts

My workout:
I used the Rx weight. I did 10 shoulders to overhead, 18 power cleans, 17 front squats and 50 deadlifts. Total reps: 95.

Tonight we have the annual CFM X-mas/anniversary/Rich’s birthday dinner. Is going to be awesome!! I love my box:).

Sickness and some workouts

Long time no writing, because long time no workouts. After that horrible Fran on Monday I got a bit sick. I had a really bad cold all of last week and really had cero energy. I think I kind of trained too much the week before and it just caught up to me. Also, pretty much everybody in my office was sick, so I think the bug just hit us all.

So, I didn’t go in at all last week, until Sunday when I decided to try and at least do something. I tried some jump ropes and rowing, but was still coughing quite a lot. Ended up doing some power cleans. I tried to make a Wendler schedule for it and started with that. I took my 100% 1RM instead of 90% though.. Don’t know if that’s smart….

Power Clean

5 x 80 lbs (36.3kg)
5 x 90 lbs (40.8kg)
5 x 100 lbs (45.4kg)

I wanted to do a bit more on that last set, but already failed my last one (before redoing it). So figured that was all the energy I had :p.

After this I did some more hand stand practicing. I do feel that I’m getting a bit better. But still not quite there yet. Rich started doing an EMOM and to at least get a little bit sweaty I decided to do a 10 min EMOM of

uneven min: 20 double unders
even min: 10 kb swings 16kg

Nothing very impressive.. but it was enough for me that day.

On Monday I felt a bit beat again, so didn’t go. Yesterday I didn’t have time to go to a class and I kind of felt horrible again. Coughing like a chain-smoker and headache.. but I had about 30 minutes to kill before having to pick my friend up at the airport so decided to go in for a little bit anyway.

I did Wendler’s deadlifts (Cycle D Week 1)


5 x 125 lbs (56.7kg)
5 x 145 lbs 65.8kg)
7 x 160 lbs (72.6kg)

My rep goal was 7 so happy that I got that. I used mixed grip for that last set. Felt I needed it :p. The 145 lbs felt quite heavy so wasn’t sure if I could do the 7 with 160 lbs, but it was easier than I thought.

After this I just did some hand stand practice again and some stretching.

Today I’m going in for my first real WOD since December 1st. Let’s hope I don’t pass out :p.