WOD January 26, 2015


“New CrossFit Total”

– 1RM Overhead Squat

– 1RM Bench Press

– 1RM Clean

My workout:
I was looking forward to this one.. It has been a long time since I tested out one rep maxes. I actually never tried it for the overhead squat as I am just happy to even do it with the bar hehe. I managed 65 lbs properly. I also did 2 reps with 70 lbs, but not sure if I went low enough.. So I’m going to set it at 65 lbs for now.

The bench press!! Last time I tried 1rm was before I started the Wendler schedule in July and it was 95 lbs. That felt so light now!! In the end I set my new pr at 115 lbs. I also tried 125 lbs and ALMOST got it. My spotter helped me in the end, he started helping me a bit premature I felt because I feel like maybe I would have gotten it.. but when I tried a second time I completely failed lol. Next time I should try 120 though.. pretty sure that I could have hit that. But ya, now my new pr is 115 lbs, which I’m still happy with :D.

After that it was time for the power clean. My PR for that one was 120 lbs which I set not too long ago (November 30), but I didn’t manage 120 lbs this time. I didn’t have much time as I took a bit longer on the bench press.. but managed a 115 lbs.. then failed twice on 120 lbs. So no new PR there.


– Death By Burpees

My workout:
Was actually looking forward to this one as well. I knew my burpees had improved so was sure that I would improve my score. I didn’t remember my old score though. In the end I came to the 15th rep in the minute I had to do 16. Such a shame I couldn’t squeeze that last one in to be able to go into the next minute!! Was still an improvement though from 65 total reps last August to 71 total reps now. :)


WOD January 25, 2015

I had a bit of a bad week, because I didn’t go to CrossFit on Friday (after my rest day on Thursday) and then I overslept on Saturday, also missing the WOD. On Sunday I went to open gym for some handstand practice and had planned to do some squats, but ended up doing an EMOM with some of the other girls, which was so perfect.


21 E3MOM

  • 5 front squats 75 lbs
  • 10 burpees
  • 15 medball sit ups 14 lbs

My workout:
We all did a different barbell movement. I did front squats, one did deadlifts and one did clean and jerks. Everyone did 10 burpees and they also did 10 medball situps. But I noticed I could do 15 in about 35 seconds so stuck with that. In the end the situps were actually the hardest for me.. I’m starting to love burpees! Well, not really.. but I have this good technique down now and I can do them quite fast. It feels like I’m getting a bit of conditioning back… After this workout I was quite gassed, but felt like it was a perfect one that was not too easy, but got just hard enough at the end to make it painful.

Before this WOD I did some hand stand practice, but will post those vids later as I’m running out of time now!

WOD January 21, 2015

Handstand Practice

I did a lot of handstand practice before the WOD. Practiced day 14, 15 and 16.

(Not happy with how I did day 15 and 16 yet, so will hopefully do better today and post video.)



·5 Rounds (not for time):

– 10 One Armed Rows

– Max Push Ups

My workout:
I did the one armed rows with a 12kg kettlebell (1o reps per arm). For max push ups I did 16 in the first round, then 10 in the 4 following.


– 5RM Pull Up

My workout:
Managed 3 reps at the first go. Only did a couple of singles after. My arms were quite shot at this point.


8 Minute AMRAP:

– 3 Wall Climbs

– 10 Deadlifts #185/115

– 50m Sprint

My workout:
This one didn’t go so well. I took a long time on the wall climbs as my arms were so tired at this point. I did the deadlifts Rx at 115 lbs and did proper sprints (and a sprint completely gasses me out). So I only managed 2 full rounds + 5 deadlifts in the third round.

WOD January 20, 2015


In Pairs:

– 1k Row

– 60 Wall Balls

– 1k Row

– 60 KB Swings

– 1k Row

– Lateral Burpees (Over the Rower)

– 1k Row

– 6 Minutes – Max DB Thrusters

My workout:
I paired up with Lorena and it was a little bit annoying, because she was being very slow. Not during the work, but during the transitions. I would row 500m and instead of hopping right on after to do her 500m she had to tie her lace first, or wash her hands, or whatever. So… could have been a lot faster with a little bit more effort. But it was still a nice workout. We took a little over 30 minutes to finish the last row. Then started  at the 31st minute on the 6 minutes of thrusters, but there was a 35 min timecap so we only did 4 minutes.

We divided all the work equally. For the row I tried to keep my pace under 2:15/500m all the time, which I managed. The wall balls I did with 14 lbs, (we switched every 10 reps). The KB Swings I did with 16kg (we switched every 15 reps) and the lateral burpees did not suck as bad as I thought we would (we switched every 10 reps).

The DB thrusters I did with 2 25 lbs dumbbells. Jeezzz, that was hard! I managed 19 reps in 4 minutes.

It was all you go I go. So one worked while the other rested.

WOD January 19, 2015



For Quality (Strict if possible):

– 30 Toes To Bar (Every break 5 Burpees)


For Time:

15 – 12 – 9 – 6- 3 reps of: Ground To Overhead #115/75

50 – 40 – 30 -20 – 10 reps of: Double Unders

My workout:
Good practice for me… Didn’t get to 50 though.. I can only do 3 or 4 at a time so did loads of burpees. Got to about.. oh.. it actually says 30. Then I think I did do them all lol. I thought it was 50. My hands were hurting a lot though. That’s my problem with these things.. grip strength! I should really do the hanging challenge.

Then the next part. It was funny because normally I go at 6:15pm, but I was late so had to join the 7:15pm class and they are all Spanish guys. Mostly people that have not been doing CrossFit for very long though. So when people started setting their bars up all the ten plates were taken!! Every guy in there had a bar with ten plates (65 lbs). So I actually had no choice but to take 25 plates lol. I had a 15kg bar though, so I was alright. Still quite a heavy weight for me (85 lbs – 38kg).. so I did choose to scale the reps. I scaled it like this:

10-8-6-4-2 ground to overhead

50-40-30-20-10 double unders

I think we had a 15 min time cap (not sure because the clock was not working) and I was just about to start my last 2 clean and jerks. Nice workout!!

WOD January 17, 2015


5 rounds in teams of 3 of

  • 8 burpee dumbbell box overs
  • 16 kb swings
  • 1 min row


1200m while one holds a medball and one does farmers walk.

My workout:
I teamed up with An and Estelle. The way it worked was that for the first part each did one of the exercises at the same time. So the goal was to do everything within 1 minute so that the rower set the pace. We did the burpee box overs with two 25 lbs dumbbells and a 20 inch box and the kb swings with 16kg. We tried to keep the row pace under 2m15 per 500 meter. I really liked this workout. The box overs were the hardest to manage within one minute, but that is the cool thing about team WOD’s.. you speed up when you normally would slow down.

I didn’t care much for the walk/run at the end. We used two 12kg kettlebells for the farmers walk. One was always walking with nothing while the others worked, to be able to switch when needed. We walked the first two rounds and used it as a bit of a recovery (except for the farmers walk, because they suck no matter if you run or walk). But got pressured into running the last lap.

The vibe was great in the box, as it usually is on Saturday morning!



WOD January 16, 2015



EMOM 21″

– 3 Overhead Squats

– 3 Muscle Ups/ 5 Chin Ups

– 7 Handstand Push Ups


7 Minute EMOM (On The Same Minute)

– 5 Toes To Bar

– 5 Burpees

– 5 Goblet Squats

My workout:
I started with my handstand challenge. Which was extremely hard!

Handstand challenge day 12 was ok. Had to do an overstack to shrug for 15 times ( did 2 sets of 10).

I didn’t try very hard though and look at the video I should probably have gone for more range of motion. But I was too eager to start on day 13 to linger on this one too long.

Handstand challenge day 13 were hip taps! After doing the shoulder taps I was excited to try this one. When I first started I thought “this is not so bad”, but it very quickly got bad enough that I couldn’t finish the required (40!) reps. On my first set (vid) I almost failed the 9th rep and stopped after that. All the sets after this I failed to get past 4 or 5 reps. In total I did 20 reps and then my arms were toast.

(The video’s have some cameo appearances form CFM’s finest showing us how to do Toes to Bar ;).)

After this it was time to do the WOD. The warm up consisted of four 30 second handstand holds, which were really hard after all that work haha. The workout itself was so much arm as well that I really struggled.

I did the overhead squats with only 20kg. I just didn’t trust my arms at that point. I only managed to do 3 strict chin ups every round and the handstand push ups I did with one 25 lbs plate and an abmat, but did do them strict.

This one was quite nice. I managed to finish all rounds within the allotted minute. I did the goblet squats with a 16kg kettlebell and substituted the toes to bar for knee raises. I can finally do toes to bar now, but it would take me too long and would not be able to do all reps within a minute for this EMOM.

Handstand Challenge Day 8 to 11

On Wednesday I showed up at the box without workout pants! So stupid… So instead I headed home and did some of the handstand challenges.

Challenge Day 8 – Posterior Pelvic Tilt. Also knowns as “twerking against the wall” :p. Had to do this for 60 reps. I actually struggled a lot with this one. I tried it before in the last couple of days and never seemed to get much motion happening. Not so good at the booty shaking I’m afraid.

Challenge Day 9 – Scapular Elevation. Shrug up and down while in a handstand. Also not so easy. Can really see in the video that I start with big range of motion and it gets less and less with each rep. Had to do this for 30 reps.

Challenge Day 10 – Knee Control. I liked this one. Simply had to bend the knees for 30 reps. When I tried this the first time a day earlier in the box I almost fell over on the first few reps, but after those first few reps it was nice and easy.


Then on Thursday I went for a walk on the beach with Murphy and saw this wall and figured that I might as well try my next challenge there. I was actually quite scared to try this one: shoulder taps. So figured that sand would be nice and soft to crash into if I would fail. But I didn’t. All I did was throw heaps of sand all over myself and in my face with every rep!! lol

After this I tried to practice some free standing handstands. I failed every time, but did manage to take a nice screencap at the right moment ;).


WOD January 13, 2015

WOD 1:

8 Minute AMRAP:

– 50m Sprint

– 10 Box Jumps

– 10 KB Swings

WOD 2:

8 Minute AMRAP:

– 50 Double Unders

– 10 Pull Ups

– 10 KB Snatches

WOD 3:

8 Minute Max Distance:

– Row

My workout:
I started with WOD 2, then 3 and then 1.

I scaled the reps to 30 double unders, 5 kipping pull ups and 10 (5 each hand) snatches. I used a 12kg kettlebell for the snatches. I managed 3 full rounds + 15 double unders.

WOD 3:
I rowed 1757 in 8 minutes. I started with the resistance on 8/9, but after 4 minutes changed it to 6/7 because my arms were dying. Normally I feel I can kind of keep on going with rowing.. but was really hard this time. (I have a record of 2km row in 8 min 09 seconds, but I’m starting to doubt if I was delirious that day because it’s really hard to imagine that I ever rowed that fast.)

WOD 1:
I did the swings with 16kg kettlebell and the box jumps with 20 inch box. I managed 3 full rounds and got to the 5th box jump in the 4th round.

I needed a workout like this. Cardio.. with loads of different movements. We had 2 to 3 minute break in between WOD’s which was perfect.

WOD January 12, 2015


A) 10RM Back Squat

B) 10 Minute Ascending Ladder (reps of 1)

– Thrusters #95/65

– Lateral Burpees

– Toes To Bar

My workout:
A) Didn’t feel like going too heavy so just went with whatever the girls I shared a squat rack with put on. Which was

Set 1: 35 lbs
Set 2: 55 lbs
Set 3: 75 lbs
Set 4: 85 lbs
Set 5: 95 lbs

B) The very first time that I did toes to bar in a workout!!!!! I always do knees to elbows as I was never able to really do a toes to bar. I may have touched the bar in a single attempt once or twice, but always with so much effort that I wouldn’t dream of doing it in a workout. But I felt for just going for it. And it went quite ok! I do have to reset between each rep as I don’t have the kip down. But was happy with how it went! I finished the 5th burpee in the round of 6’s.

Handstand Challenge

Also worked on the handstand challenge. Which was a hollow body position hold for 60 seconds. In a handstand. I struggled finding the right position. This was my last attempt and the first one in which I felt that I engaged my core at least a little bit. But felt a bit too easy to be right. When I posted the vid in the challenge someone pointed out that I’m piking too much and gave me some tips. So I will definitely be trying this one again.