WOD February 27, 2015



  • 1rm jerk
  • 1rm front squat
  • 1rm bench press

My workout:
I just wanted to use the time to do a lot of practice on the jerk with light weight to get the technique right. Got some good pointers from Mario. Practices with 65 lbs and then 95 lbs I think. For the front squat I did the same.. kept the weights low.. from 65 lbs to 115 lbs I think (which was quite heavy and only did for 2 reps). For the bench press I wanted to try and beat my 115 lbs by trying 120 lbs. But didn’t have it in the tank. I think the max I did was 105 lbs and jumped to 120 lbs from there but couldn’t get it.

Track work February 26, 2015

On Wednesday I went to the box, but didn’t do much that’s worth writing down. I wanted to do some deadlifts.. but everything felt really heavy. I did a couple of sets, but.. like I said.. nothing with a specific purpose or worth writing down.

On Thursday I went to the running track in the morning. After the horrible sprints the other day I figured I should work on my weakness. In Estepona there is a free sports park with tracks and everything, so I went there. Did one lap on the 400m course first to warm up.. And then did five 100m sprints at full effort. I didn’t time the rest in between, but took at least a couple of minutes of rest between each round.

Sprint 1: 17 sec 34
Sprint 2: 17 sec 72
Sprint 3: 18 sec 33
Sprint 4: 18 sec 33
Sprint 5: 17 sec 71

It is actually really hard to time yourself during these things.. so those times are probably a little off. I used my phone stopwatch.. so have to look for the button on the screen as well, instead of being able to keep your finger on the button for more accuracy.

Anyway.. I have no clue if those times are horrific or only mildly bad, but I hope I can motivate myself to practice them more often. After the sprints I did a 1km cooldown jog.

That was yesterday. And today I seriously have the worst muscle ache I’ve had in ages!! My legs already started hurting yesterday (almost immediately after the run), but today my abs and sides are hurting as well!! Never knew sprinting was so intense!!




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WOD February 24, 2015

WOD 1:

20 Minute AMRAP:

– 10 Pull Ups

– 40 Double Unders

– 10 Chin Ups

– 20 KB Swings

My workout:
I did kipping pull ups and jumping chin ups. KB swings with 16kg. I finished three rounds + 7 pull ups. Double unders got kind of hard after the first round.. My arms were a bit blown from the other work and struggled moving with enough speed. Kipping pull ups are still hard for me. Had to break them up every 3 reps.

WOD 2:

4 x 400m Sprints (1 Minute Rest Between Rounds)

My workout:
I really don’t understand how everyone seems to be able to do this except me. No matter how fit or unfit people seem to be, they run. And I just can’t. I can sprint maybe the first 100m but after that I am completely gassed and can’t even jog anymore :(. I got completely left behind and in the end only did three attempts. Tried to jog the rest of the 400m after the first 50 to 100m sprint.. But damn this sucked. I hate that I’m so bad at this. It hurt my shins as well! When I sprint I land really hard on my feet and it hurts!! :( Felt really crappy after this.

WOD February 23, 2015

Oly Class

  • Power snatch technique


  • 30 power snatches for time

My workout:
I used 70lbs (forced by Mario, I wanted to go lighter) and took 6 minutes and 37 seconds. Didn’t really feel like I was using proper technique at the end though.

As a cashout we had to do hill sprints :(.

I didn’t like this class too much to be honest. I wasn’t feeling it before and couldn’t get my energy up during. I had a very bloated stomach as well. I ate horribly. All last week to be honest. Really need to get back on track with the healthy stuff.

WOD February 21, 2015


5 rounds of

  • 22 Kettlebell swings 16kg
  • 22 Box jumps 20 inch
  • 400m Run
  • 22 Burpees
  • 22 Wall balls 14 lbs

My workout:
We had a 40 minute timecap and I managed to finish the run of the fourth round. This was pretty hard though!! After the first round I did step ups instead of box jumps.. Doing burpees after a run is just mean.. and the wall balls were the hardest and I had to break them up the most. Still happy with the work I got in though :).

WOD February 20, 2015


30 Minute – EMOM (3 movements):

You choose the movements, e.g:

Min 1: 3 Power Snatches

Min 2: 30 Double Unders

Min 3: Max Handstand Push Ups

My workout:
I chose to do
Min 1: 4 overhead squats 55 lbs
Min 2: 3 strict ring dips
Min 3: 30 double unders

It went really good! I was able to do the strict ring dips unbroken all rounds. I also felt so much better in the overhead squats than ever before. I was able to do them quicker and feel more stable. And the double unders went amaaaaazing. I borrowed Mark’s rope and it was like the magic rope, because I was able to do almost all rounds unbroken. And on the last minute I decided to just do as many as I could and I broke my overall record by doing 57 unbroken!!! I finally hit (over) 50!! So awesome. After that I tried another time and even hit 61!! :D Mark was so happy for me that he even gave me his rope as a gift. How cool is that :D.

WOD February 18, 2015


  • Kipping pull up practice


20 min E2MOM:

  • 1 min: 5 chin ups and 5 jumping ring dips
  • 1 min: 4 hand stand pushups and 4 pistol squats

My workout:
Learned something on the kipping pull up again (mostly kipping harder to drive up with the hips more). The EMOM I did with 3 strict chin ups, although I had to sometimes use a little jump and 5 jumping ring dips. I did the hand stand pushups strict, first with 1 abmat, later with 2. And I tried to do 2 pistol squats with a 8kg kettlebell (and a plate under my heels). I managed most of them with my right leg, but failed every time except once on my left leg. After a couple of rounds I changed to 9 air squats, which was the scaling option.


  • 400m run, if you don’t finish first, you do another 400m, until there’s nobody left.

My workout:
We started with 4 girls and me sucking ass at running I already knew I was going to be last.. I hoped to maybe beat 1 of the girls, but they all sprinted off so fast right at the beginning that I knew I was lost. So 4 laps of 400m it was for me :(.

WOD February 16, 2015


5 rounds of

  • 12 deadlifts
  • 9 hang power cleans
  • 6 shoulder to overhead

Each round has to be performed unbroken or the round does not count!

My workout:
Wow!! My forearms were burning on this one! I used 65 lbs as I knew any heavier would be hard to do unbroken.. And pff, even this was quite hard!! I managed three rounds, but on the fourth round I had to drop the bar after 4 power cleans. So officially that round didn’t count (I did finish it though). After the 5th round, which I did with a hook grip and that helped so much!!, I added the weight to a total of 75 lbs for 1 last round. My forearms were so tight after this lol, interesting feeling…

CrossFit Level 1!!

Whoohooooo!! I signed up for the CrossFit Level 1 Certificate course!! I will do the course in April (18th and 19th) and if I successfully attend and pass the test I can call myself a CrossFit Level 1 Trainer :D. Of course it doesn’t mean that I am a good one just after one weekend course, but at least I can start gaining some experience. I have a plan to start organizing active holidays aimed at CrossFitters in Holland. Where I live in Spain is the perfect location for holidays like this and I have enough contacts to organize something fun. I have decided to organize these holidays under the name Active Mo(ve)ments! :D I’m really excited about it!!

WOD February 14, 2015


In pairs (you go I go), 7 rounds of

  • 7 hand stand push ups
  • 7 dumbbell thrusters
  • 7 knees to elbow
  • 7 deadlifts
  • 7 burpees
  • 7 kettlebell swings
  • 7 pull ups

My workout:
I paired up with An. You were supposed to both do each exercise. So I would start with 7 hand stand push ups, then she did 7 hand stand push ups and so on. We managed to do 5 rounds in 35 minutes and 30 seconds (officially there was a 30 min timecap). I did the hand stand push ups strict with a 10 lbs plate and an abmat. The first two rounds I did the thrusters with two 25 lbs dumbbelss, but switched to two 8kg kettlebells for the last three rounds. The deadlifts we did with 135 lbs and the kettlebell swings with a 16kg kettlebell. For the pull ups we did jumping pull ups, except for the last round where we did ring rows (someone took our box :p). The deadlifts felt really heavy!!