Swim January 28, 2016

It was the second crawl lesson of the course. We swam 600m total, practising the stroke and footwork. Also spent some time on how to breathe during.

The trainer filmed us doing a kick off with some strokes as well. I should have asked if she could send the video. In the lesson she taught us how to take up to 3 seconds at your longest position and in the video can see how I took that a bit too literal as I really pauzed between each stroke. Afterwards she explained that while your front arm pauzes at the longest position, in the meantime you’re other arm is coming up to take over. So you don’t really have any point where you’re completely still. Which makes sense, cause obviously that will slow you down.

Good lesson!

WOD January 27, 2016


Find max weight for the following complex (without dropping the bar):

  • 12 deadlifts
  • 9 hang power cleans
  • 6 shoulder to overheads

My workout:
I did three sets. First at 25kg, second at 30kg and last with 35kg. The last one was a struggle. I think I could have added a little bit of weight for a fourth set, but there wasn’t enough time as I definitely needed a couple of minutes of rest time before trying that again. The last set was really hard. Especially the cleans. Shoulder to overheads are a bit scary when fatigued, but still went ok.

After the workout I did some extra work: 100 reps of banded good mornings.

Swim January 21, 2016

I started the 12-week swimming course focussed on the “crawl”. I was really nervous beforehand. It didn’t help that I cut a little hole in my bikini when cutting out the label. And I also found out that the zoomers that I had to buy and went especially to Decathlon for didn’t end up in my shopping basket somehow. So would have to start the course with not all supplies needed and with a hole in my bottoms :p.

I went anyway and so glad I did, cause it was really cool! Already learnt a lot and it was just fun to do. We are only with 3 students and one teacher, so it’s almost a private class.

The only thing I struggled with was the cold! The water is verrrrrry cold and we were standing still in the water in between assignments and that was just no fun.

But ya, glad I started the course. Can’t wait to improve my swimming.

WOD January 20, 2016



5 rounds of

  • 15 deadlift 70kg
  • 20 box jumps 20 inch
  • 25 pull ups

My workout:
I scaled the workout to 10, 20 and 15 reps and did ring rows instead of pull ups. My time was 17 min 15 seconds. I did the deadlifts with 45kg.

I think this was a good scaling for me. I could keep moving at a pretty steady pace and the ring rows started to get hard in the last 2 rounds.. Felt good.

Run January 19, 2016

It was freezing cold with snow and ice, but decided to try and go for a run anyway. The first 10 minutes went great, but then I got tired and took a walk break. I checked my gps and saw it wasn’t working, which made me so grumpy that I kind of didn’t want to run anymore. I spent another 10 minutes running/walking/running, but didn’t really go very well.

Bit disappointing.


WOD Monday January 18, 2016



Overhead squat


My workout:
There definitely wasn’t enough time given for this. We had about 10 minutes and first had to start with 3 sets of 3 front squats with a mini band under the knees. We had to share one bar with three people too. We managed 2 sets and then moved onto the overhead squats. Only squeezed in two sets each, which were more like warm up sets. Second set was with 20kg. So I guess that’s my PR :p.


5 rondes voor tijd

30 double unders

20 kettlebell swings 24/16

10 overhead squats 45/30

My workout:
I did the kb swings with 12kg as I knew it would mean I could go a little faster. The squats I did with 15kg as I don’t feel that comfortable in the overhead position and I haven’t been doing it much (or at all) lately (I feel so out of shape).  We had a 12 min timecap and I finished the 4th overhead squat of the 4th round. My double unders weren’t going very well so spent a lot of time tripping up.

After the workout I did a max handstand hold for 1 min 32 seconds.

WOD Friday January 15, 2016

First WOD of 2016!


5 ropeclimbs


5 rondes voor tijd

20 kettlebell snatches 24/16

40 double unders


5 rope climbs

My workout:
It went alright. I did the kb snatches with 12kg.. The first 5 rope climbs were ok.. my double unders sucked the first round, but went ok for the rest of them. I did need to take some breaks in between though. Which Vincent says is unacceptable. Everyone was finished with the workout when I still had to start the 5th round of snatches/double unders. Normally I’m tempted to skip a round when this happens, but I didn’t this time and completed the whole workout. The last 5 rope climbs were really hard.. They were pushing me to keep going without breaks, but I feel I just need them. Am afraid I will fall out of the rope otherwise.. Maybe I should try and push harder…. Anyway.. I was happy with the workout. My time was 19 min 8 seconds.

I had a bit of a winter depression the last two weeks. I was a bit ill (coughing a lot and just without energy) and just not feeling great. So I didn’t workout at all. Which made me feel even worse :p. But ready to get back on track now. Both with working out and with healthy eating habits. Trying to go back on the zone (not 100% strict) to get my good habits back.

I actually cancelled my CrossFit subscription per February 1st. I’m starting a swimming course this week and want to to focus more on running and start my muscle up ring training next to it. With all that I don’t think I’ll have enough time to go to CrossFit as well. I do still have 9 vouchers to go to CrossFit Almere. So I might go there once a week anyway. I’m thinking about signing up with them in March/April.. I want to meet some more people and that’s not going to happen in Lelystad. And Almere is a great box with really good coaches..