Looking back

I love looking back at my very first posts in this blog. To when I just started CrossFit and regularly felt like a truck had hit me. Starting CrossFit really was an adjustment to my body, that took some time to get used to. The body aches and even mental fuzziness from all the new physical strain was pretty intense!

It’s almost 4 years since I started CrossFit. My first official workout was on July 15, 2013. Time flies..! But I still love it just as much now as I did back then.

Since a couple of months I weekly train with my friends in my garden. I have started gathering more and more stuff and now have most equipment needed for a variety of CrossFit workouts. The only downside is that I have 1 of everything.. so it’s hard to program workouts for time as people can’t use the same stuff at the same time. So we do a lot of Fight Gone Bad style workouts. Sometimes it still works out.

Yesterday I had them to a workout that I’ve done in my first month of CrossFit. Slightly moderated. On August 13, 2013 I did:


I was not able to finish within the timecap, but got to the 18th wall ball.

Yesterday I made the girls do:


So I took out the BB rolls and snatches and replaced the handstand pushups with a handstand hold. Three of the four girls made it within the timecap. Pretty cool!!

The girls going at it:

In the next two weeks I’m fixing up my garden even more to make it a proper ‘home gym’. It’s going to be so nice!!

My latest purchase is a barbell and powercage. Now we can do barbell workouts and pull ups, which pretty much means we can do almost any workout.


I tested out my power clean the other day. My max is 55kg and I was able to do 1-1-1-1-1 at 55kg without too much trouble (it wasn’t easy, but I made all the lifts). I don’t have 2.5kg or 1kg plates yet so I couldn’t try 60kg and din’t want to try 65kg.. but think I could have gotten a PR if I had the smaller plates!

My last rep at 55kg:

Anyway.. I better get ready. I’m doing an obstacle course race today called Toughest (www.toughest.se). It’s going to be pretty mental!! It’s 40 obstacles in a 8km course. We’re doing it with a team of 5 people and will stick together. So it’s going to be fun!! Cold and muddy, but fun!