My “fittuin”

My fittuin is starting to be a dream come true. It’s so awesome!! My dad made the most awesome shed, with roof so that I can train even when it storms or rains. I helped with the grunt work and rubber flooring XD. Next week a friend is going to come to fix the rest of the garden with fake grass and more rubber tiles. But my “squat corner” is pretty much done and I LOVE IT.


I’ve been pretty happy with my training and fitness the last couple of months. I feel fit. And I’m able to train frequently. This garden helps a lot as well, cause even when I don’t have a lot of time I can now still get a quick workout in.

I’m also starting to give a little bit more classes. I’ve been training with my friends on Friday morning for a couple of months now. They recently started paying a little bit as well. I am now going to add a “class” on Wednesday evening and maybe on Saturday morning. I am a bit cautious about adding more times, because it does take away from my own time to train and it also limits my options for going to Bear Up CrossFit. I still really like it there, so would be a shame if I’m too busy with my own garden to not be able to train there anymore.

Next Saturday we are organizing Murph “a hero workout for heroes”. We’re raising money for the Roparun with it. About 40 people have registered, which means we already raised over 300 euros. Will do ┬ásome cool extra stuff on the day to raise some more money as well. Pretty stoked to be organising it!!

Also very busy with the Merdian Regional trip coming up. Organising it, while not going is very strange. I hope it’s a success!!

What I also find very interesting is that my heart rate has been going down in the last couple of weeks. My resting heart rate was around 70 a couple of months ago and in the last couple of months it went down to about 64. But I’ve had it under 60 a couple of times now!! Right now it’s only 57. That’s extremely low for me!! During the day, even when sitting down, it’ usually around 70 or 80. I call that huge improvement in fitness!!!



I had my first exam for the firefighter academy last week and passed :D. Very happy with that. I will have my practice exam next month. We went to Germany for 2 days a week ago to practice. It was very intense, but so much fun!! It really gave me more confidence that I can actually become a real firefighter. Still nervous about working with real life victims though…

So.. this became more of a normal blog post than a CrossFit update, but oh well ;).