Let’s try again

For the gazillionth time..

It’s time to try and become healthy again. Ever since I moved back to The Netherlands my eating habits have become worse and worse. All my good habits that I got into when living in Spain have vanished. I’m eating chocolate spread on bread every morning and a bag of Nibb-it crisps almost daily. I almost never cook and honestly, I kind of feel like I’m poisoning myself daily with all this crap that I eat.

My skin has been horrible and I’m 100% sure it’s because of my eating habits. Other than that I don’t feel bad though.. I usually have a lot of energy and training is going steady as always. I think because of that it’s hard to find the motivation to do something about my eating habits, because it doesn’t feel like it’s affecting my day to day much. Apart from the skin problems (which do bother me).

Anyway… I know I’ve tried plenty of times before and I always feel. But I just have to change something or I’ll become miserable. If this time I fail again. I think I might need to try another route and get some help with my eating. Seems like a proper addiction then.. but yah.. let’s try one more time by myself ;).