Team training day 1

I started following a CrossFit program for the first time in my life. Because of my busy schedule I usually only get to the box 1 or 2 times and usually 1 of them is Open Gym. So I don’t get to attend a lot of programmed classes, which has resulted in me very often not knowing what to do. And I tend to not do a lot of “real” CrossFit, but more strength and skill session.

I was actually thinking of paying Yme (Bear Up coach) for personal programming, but quickly after I first informed about that I found this program. I’ve been following TeamRichey on youtube. Craig Richey is a Youtuber who basically posts videos about his own CrossFit training on an almost daily basis. I don’t watch all the video’s, but have been following him pretty regularly for the last two years. And he just came out with this training program that a a friend of him is coaching. it only costs €10 a month and you get a program + tracking app and even personal feedback when needed.

I didn’t even know the last part, but after I put in my results for the first day I got some actions from the coach right away, so that was a nice surprise.

Anyway.. the first day of programming was.

Warm Up: 3 rounds: 1:30 Row at moderate pace 30 sec active hangs 20 banded pull aparts 5 single arm ring rows (each arm)

So cool that I have a rower now so I can actually follow the program :D.

A) Strict Pull-up
1 max effort set. Rest as needed between A and B. Scaled: If no strict pull-ups can be done use a band but make a note of what you use for later comparison!

B) Max Kipping or Butterfly Pull-up
Test max kipping or butterfly pull ups. Rest as needed before part B.

I couldn’t do part A and B, because I have somehow got myself a shoulder injury. I don’t know what I’ve done wrong, but I do know when it happend. On March 20th I was working out at home and I think I got a bit too excited and did too much, too heavy, with not enough focus. I did a looot of shoulder work and I somehow strained something. My bicep hurts a lot whenever I try to pull strength from it (pull ups, rope climbs, etc). I went to physio last week (she taped me up) and going back next Tuesday, so hopefully it will recover soon.

C) Aerobic Test
20 min AMRAP 8 Burpees 10 Deadlift 60/40 14/11 cal Row

I did do this one! It’s funny, cause rowing kind of strains the bicep as well, but I put the damper quite low and then I can pull mostly from the legs and can move without pain. I think I did pretty well for how I usually do on these kind of workouts. I have to mention that this is a conditioning bias program. Which is my absolute weakness, so I’m really trying to push myself on all of these types of workouts. I got 1 calorie on the rower in on my 8th round. So 7 rounds + 19 reps.

D) Midline Finisher
4 rounds not for time for quality 30-45s hollow hold 50 ft High low KB carry (each arm) 20 tempo ring rows 2222

I wasn’t actually paying proper attention and thought this was the cool down so I kind of flaked it. I did two rounds of hollow hold and high low kb carry with 4kg (only kb I have in two’s) and then called it quits. Ring rows didn’t feel right at this point with the shoulder.

10 min Assault bike (use as flush out)

Didn’t do this :innocent:. Don’t have a bike.. and didn’t really feel like it was needed to do anything else.

As you can read I kind of cherry picked…. which is a lesson for myself. Stick to the program!!!