WOD September 11, 2018

I’ve had a long and very unhealthy weekend with friends and was feeling the aftermath today. I had zero energy and felt really tired. I had planned to go to Bear Up to do a WOD, but cancelled as I really just didn’t feel it would benefit me as I was so tired.

I did however do a little rowing WOD at home. I bumped into a link to a rowing program online a couple of weeks ago and decided to sign up. It was 24 euros for a 4 week program of 4 workouts a week that can be done next to your normal CrossFit programming. You get personal feedback based on videos you can send in and your workout pace etc is actually determined by your own results. So it sounded like a good deal for me and I’m always interested in getting better on the rower.

The program started yesterday and I did the first workout today. I was very pleasantly surprised by the pace I managed. The workout was 4 x 500m with 1:00 min rest between rounds. The goal was to go faster each round (to prevent being a first round hero and sizzling out). I, of course, went too fast in the first round, but managed to keep pace quite well, even though it did hurt a lot.

And of course my energy was way up after the workout. I love how fitness works that way!!

I video’d the entire workout to be able to get feedback on technique.

WOD September 1, 2018

For time:

  • 50 devils presses
  • 50 chest to bar pull ups

My workout:
I did the devils presses (which are basically burpees with dumbbells in your hands) with 2 x 10kg dumbbells. The chest to bar I did jumping.. they wanted me to it Rx, but I can only do C2B when I use chinup grip instead of pullup grip, which they didn’t allow, so had to scale after all. Which was much better for the workout stimulus imo anyway, as I would have gotten totally stuck on the C2B otherwise. I finished now within 13 min 34 seconds.