5k Run

I had a super lazy day on Saturday, basically hanging on the couch reading my book all day. (Ok, so I am geeky enough that the book was about CrossFit, but still.)

In the afternoon I was able to get my lazy ass to move a little bit and I went for a 5k run. I hadn’t ran a 5k since… oh wow.. since almost exactly a year ago! September 26, 2013… That’s funny.

I ran 5.25km in 34 min 37 seconds then.



This Saturday, September 28, 2014, I ran 5.02km in  32 min 46 seconds.



No improvement there, but at least my average pace didn’t go down either. I have to admit that it was quite hard…. to keep going. You would think that a full year of CrossFit would have made me a bit faster… or at least make it feel easier at the same pace. But no such luck. It does give me motivation to start running a little bit more though. Maybe not 5k’s, but I think it would be good to do a bit more interval training with running. I dislike it so much though… so it’s hard to motivate myself.  But I think I will be running a bit more when I’m in Holland next month. Take advantage of the flat country (because if there is anything I hate more than running, it’s running uphill).  Oh btw, my run this weekend was actually with a little elevation as well, and the one last year was in Holland so completely flat. So.. there you go.. maybe I did improve a tiny little bit :p.

I think it should be my goal to run a 5k under 30 minutes before the end of the year!

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