April 29, 2014

Hand stand push up

I learned how to do the kipping hand stand push up :D.

25 min AMRAP in pairs
1 does 500m row, while other:

  • 8 hand stand push ups
  • 12 pull ups
  • 25 double unders

Count reps hspu’s, pull ups and du’s.

9 full rounds + 8 hand stand push ups.
I did the hand stand push ups with  a 25 lbs plate + a 10 lbs plate + an abmat and was able to do them all strict. Pull ups I did with a red band (the thicker one, not the thinnest). Double unders I did all doubles and I managed to do all rounds unbroken :D :D.

We had over 4000m on the row.

100 burpees per pair, you go I go, max 5 at a time.

I really liked the WOD, it was killing, but all movements I can do and enjoy. The burpees were horrific; felt like puking.

Legs + ass was really aching from Monday’s workout btw. And today (3oth) it’s even worse. During the warm up we had to hold a 5 minute squat; think that helped in the aching today XD.