Saturday, February 16, 2019

Did a little workout in the #fittuin with Robert.

4 sets of
– 2 pull ups
– 3 dips

3 sets of
– 5 deadlift @ 60kg

– calories row
– wall balls 6kg

My workout
I did 5 dips in the first set, but adjusted to 3 after that. Didn’t time the 21-15-9 WOD. The wall balls felt horrible though. I haven’t been doing wall balls with 6kg for a looooong time. Felt super heavy!

WOD September 11, 2018

I’ve had a long and very unhealthy weekend with friends and was feeling the aftermath today. I had zero energy and felt really tired. I had planned to go to Bear Up to do a WOD, but cancelled as I really just didn’t feel it would benefit me as I was so tired.

I did however do a little rowing WOD at home. I bumped into a link to a rowing program online a couple of weeks ago and decided to sign up. It was 24 euros for a 4 week program of 4 workouts a week that can be done next to your normal CrossFit programming. You get personal feedback based on videos you can send in and your workout pace etc is actually determined by your own results. So it sounded like a good deal for me and I’m always interested in getting better on the rower.

The program started yesterday and I did the first workout today. I was very pleasantly surprised by the pace I managed. The workout was 4 x 500m with 1:00 min rest between rounds. The goal was to go faster each round (to prevent being a first round hero and sizzling out). I, of course, went too fast in the first round, but managed to keep pace quite well, even though it did hurt a lot.

And of course my energy was way up after the workout. I love how fitness works that way!!

I video’d the entire workout to be able to get feedback on technique.

WOD September 1, 2018

For time:

  • 50 devils presses
  • 50 chest to bar pull ups

My workout:
I did the devils presses (which are basically burpees with dumbbells in your hands) with 2 x 10kg dumbbells. The chest to bar I did jumping.. they wanted me to it Rx, but I can only do C2B when I use chinup grip instead of pullup grip, which they didn’t allow, so had to scale after all. Which was much better for the workout stimulus imo anyway, as I would have gotten totally stuck on the C2B otherwise. I finished now within 13 min 34 seconds.

WOD August 30, 2018

4 round for time:

  • 200m db farmers walk
  • 20 db push ups
  • 10 db front squats

My workout:
I used two 15kg dumbbells, which I knew was going to be a bit too heavy. But we were in the fittuin and I did this workout with Hester, who used the 10kg dumbbells. The original workout was supposed to be 10db shoulder to overhead instead of squats, but felt impossible with the 15kg’s, so we changed it to squats. Which was also reaallllly heavy. It took me 29 min and 51 seconds to finish. And I did 5 of the 10 squats in the 3rd round with only 1 dumbbell, because I just couldn’t anymore. My grip was completely gone in the last round. Had to put down the dumbbells on the farmers walk so many times.

I copied this workout before, about 1 year ago. Then I used 12,5kg dumbbells and did do the shoulder to overhead instead of the squats. The timecap was 28 minutes and I finished the 13th pushup in the 4th round. Hard to say if I’ve improved or not ;).

WOD August 27, 2018

WOD @ Bear Up

20 min AMRAP:

  • 15 pull ups
  • 10 pistol squats (alt.)
  • 5 sandbag ground to shoulder

My workout:
Wow, first time ever that I did pistol squats Rx during a workout! I’ve been able to do them since recently. For some reason I could suddenly do them.. without really focussing on practising the skill.. the last couple of times when trying them they just happend somehow. But I never tried them in a workout before. And was happy to say, that although they did look a bit messy, I managed to keep them doing them, even under fatique.

This workout was so hard on the heart rate! I did the sandbag with 40kg and jeeez, the heart rate goes crazy after those things!! It was hard to do the pull ups after.. I did kipping pull ups.. In the end I got 3 rounds + 4 pistol squats. I have to say that I felt a bit like I was about to start seeing black spots during the workout, but I never did.. did slow down a lot after two rounds though… but in hindsight, this was a great workout! Feel great now :D. I do feel my upper legs (front, I don’t know how you call those) a lot from the pistol squats though!!

Warming up

I’m just going to write down the warming up, in case I want to give this workout in the future.

10 min for quality:

  • 20 one legged step up box (1o per leg)
  • 10m inch worm
  • 30 sec sandbag hold
  • 30 sec passive hang
  • 10 ring rows

Movement prep:

  • pull up options
  • pistol squat: leg behind you, leg crossed behind, heel on plate
  • sandbag: ladder to find correct weight

WOD August 25, 2018

‘Nasty Girls’

3 rounds for time:

  • 50 air squats
  • 7 bar muscle ups
  • 10 hang power cleans (60/43kg)

My workout:
The original Nasty Girls is with ring muscle ups, but we got to do them on the bar. I can’t do muscle ups… so I scaled them to jumping bar muscle ups. First time I did those… They’re quite fun, because you still get the feeling of the transition and moving yourself on top of the bar. Because I still failed most of them, I counted all attempts as a rep. We had a time cap of 15 minutes and I wasn’t able to finish. Got to the 5th attempt of bar muscle ups in the last round. I could have finished if I just took attempt after attempt, but I took my time at the muscle ups as I did try to make as many attempts as possible. I think I got 3 successful attempts in the first round, 2 in the second and only 1 in the last.

After the workout I went to John in Almere for a massage. He really spent some good time on my shoulder, which is still bothering me. After that we talked for 3 hours or so!! He’s moving to Spain.. to the area where I used to live. And I still have plans of going back.. so we had some nice talks about that.

I have a bit of a headache now (got my period :(), so will probably spend my Saturday evening on the couch with Netflix.

WOD August 23, 2018

I haven’t been training properly for the last couple of weeks. I think this is the first time in a looong time that I had such a long “dip” training wise. I have gained some weight as well, as I have been eating and drinking more.. it’s such a nice summer.. so it’s hard to turn down evenings with friends and snacks and drinks. Oh well…

I only did some strength today.

Bench press

5 x 35kg
5 x 35kg
5 x 35kg
5 x 35kg
5 x 35kg

This felt quite easy.. below was the 4th set.

Power clean

5 x 30kg
5 x 35kg
5 x 40kg
5 x 45kg
5 x 50kg

All sets were easy, except the last one. That one took some effort!

A while ago I followed this strength program called StrongLifts, it has you do 5 sets at the same weight, increasing weight every week. Think I will try and pick that back up as I hadn’t plateau’d yet and it is quite a nice way of working up the weights. I wasn’t sure what to do for power clean.. as that wasn’t one of the movements in that program (only squats, bench, shoulder press, deadlift and barbell row). I think next sesh I’ll start with 5 x 45kg. That will get pretty heavy for sure.

Team training day 1

I started following a CrossFit program for the first time in my life. Because of my busy schedule I usually only get to the box 1 or 2 times and usually 1 of them is Open Gym. So I don’t get to attend a lot of programmed classes, which has resulted in me very often not knowing what to do. And I tend to not do a lot of “real” CrossFit, but more strength and skill session.

I was actually thinking of paying Yme (Bear Up coach) for personal programming, but quickly after I first informed about that I found this program. I’ve been following TeamRichey on youtube. Craig Richey is a Youtuber who basically posts videos about his own CrossFit training on an almost daily basis. I don’t watch all the video’s, but have been following him pretty regularly for the last two years. And he just came out with this training program that a a friend of him is coaching. it only costs €10 a month and you get a program + tracking app and even personal feedback when needed.

I didn’t even know the last part, but after I put in my results for the first day I got some actions from the coach right away, so that was a nice surprise.

Anyway.. the first day of programming was.

Warm Up: 3 rounds: 1:30 Row at moderate pace 30 sec active hangs 20 banded pull aparts 5 single arm ring rows (each arm)

So cool that I have a rower now so I can actually follow the program :D.

A) Strict Pull-up
1 max effort set. Rest as needed between A and B. Scaled: If no strict pull-ups can be done use a band but make a note of what you use for later comparison!

B) Max Kipping or Butterfly Pull-up
Test max kipping or butterfly pull ups. Rest as needed before part B.

I couldn’t do part A and B, because I have somehow got myself a shoulder injury. I don’t know what I’ve done wrong, but I do know when it happend. On March 20th I was working out at home and I think I got a bit too excited and did too much, too heavy, with not enough focus. I did a looot of shoulder work and I somehow strained something. My bicep hurts a lot whenever I try to pull strength from it (pull ups, rope climbs, etc). I went to physio last week (she taped me up) and going back next Tuesday, so hopefully it will recover soon.

C) Aerobic Test
20 min AMRAP 8 Burpees 10 Deadlift 60/40 14/11 cal Row

I did do this one! It’s funny, cause rowing kind of strains the bicep as well, but I put the damper quite low and then I can pull mostly from the legs and can move without pain. I think I did pretty well for how I usually do on these kind of workouts. I have to mention that this is a conditioning bias program. Which is my absolute weakness, so I’m really trying to push myself on all of these types of workouts. I got 1 calorie on the rower in on my 8th round. So 7 rounds + 19 reps.

D) Midline Finisher
4 rounds not for time for quality 30-45s hollow hold 50 ft High low KB carry (each arm) 20 tempo ring rows 2222

I wasn’t actually paying proper attention and thought this was the cool down so I kind of flaked it. I did two rounds of hollow hold and high low kb carry with 4kg (only kb I have in two’s) and then called it quits. Ring rows didn’t feel right at this point with the shoulder.

10 min Assault bike (use as flush out)

Didn’t do this :innocent:. Don’t have a bike.. and didn’t really feel like it was needed to do anything else.

As you can read I kind of cherry picked…. which is a lesson for myself. Stick to the program!!!

Let’s try again

For the gazillionth time..

It’s time to try and become healthy again. Ever since I moved back to The Netherlands my eating habits have become worse and worse. All my good habits that I got into when living in Spain have vanished. I’m eating chocolate spread on bread every morning and a bag of Nibb-it crisps almost daily. I almost never cook and honestly, I kind of feel like I’m poisoning myself daily with all this crap that I eat.

My skin has been horrible and I’m 100% sure it’s because of my eating habits. Other than that I don’t feel bad though.. I usually have a lot of energy and training is going steady as always. I think because of that it’s hard to find the motivation to do something about my eating habits, because it doesn’t feel like it’s affecting my day to day much. Apart from the skin problems (which do bother me).

Anyway… I know I’ve tried plenty of times before and I always feel. But I just have to change something or I’ll become miserable. If this time I fail again. I think I might need to try another route and get some help with my eating. Seems like a proper addiction then.. but yah.. let’s try one more time by myself ;).