WOD 15 July 2013

Why was I so nervous? I could have known it would be fun!

First we had to do back squats in reps of 5-5-5-3-3.

I did them with a 20kg bar:

5: + 2x10lbs (29,2kg total)
5: + 2x15lbs (33,8kg total)
5: + 2x20lbs (38,4kg total)
3: + 2x25lbs (43kg total)
3: + 2x25lbs (43kg total)

I didn’t dare to try 30 lbs as I was already having a hard time completing 3 reps of 25lbs.

(It is a bit annoying that some of these weights have the weight in kg on them and some in lbs.)

Then it was on to FRAN. If you do it properly you should do the thrusters with 65lbs (30kg) as a female. But I did it with 15kg.

What are thrusters? They are squats with a weight on your chest and as you come up you push the weight up with your arms stretched above your head.


Like that.

So, it was 21 of those, then 21 pull ups, which I did with a black band. The band helps people like me, who can’t do pull ups without a little help. There are bands in different sizes of thickness. The thicker the band the more it helps you. I think the black band is the thickest. When you start with it it feels like it almost shoots you through the ceiling! But trust me, after a couple of repetitions, even with the band it’s hard to keep going.

After the first 21 of each you do it all again but then 15 times and then again 9 times. For time. My time was 10m13sec.

For some reference. They say you did a good job if you book under 5 minutes. With twice the weight I had.

But for me, as a rookie, I think I did ok :).

We all have to start somewhere

Today is my official start as a crossfit rookie. I have signed up at my local box for a one-month-unlimited subscription and plan on going 3 days a week, starting today.

I have tried a crossfit workout two times, to see if it would be something I could do. I loved it both times! So now it´s time to really get into it and start working out regularly.

But to say that I am intimidated is an understatement. When I look at the WOD that is waiting for me this evening I´m already worried about not being able to finish it. Or about taking foreeeeeeever, while the other people are long done.

But, everyone has to start somewhere, and I´m starting here. Today. With FRAN. Which apparently involves thrusters and pull ups. I have no idea what the first is and I know for a fact that I can´t do the second. So it should be fun! ;)