Day 9 – Playground training

July 5, 2016


For time:
400m Run
50 Pull-ups
400m Run
50 Push-ups
400m Run
50 Sit-ups
400m Run
50 Squats
400m Run

My workout:
I was a bit short on time today so decided to not go to the box, but do the workout at home. I invited Michelle and Linda to join me and by miracle they both did. We did the workout at the playground in front of my house. Their kids joined us haha. Put the rings up so we could do ring rows instead of pull ups. I think the run around the playground was only about 200m though. My time was 17 m 12 seconds. It felt pretty good. Fun to workout outside with friends :). Kyan was joining me and Michelle on the pushups. He’s so cute!!

My mood:
Awesome. Still can’t decide on firefighter though. A couple of times I wanted to send the email saying yes. But then I didn’t. Now asked for the phone number of the guy so I could postpone a bit more.. will have to call him tomorrow. I really don’t know what to do!!!

My food:
Breakfast: 2 slices of brown bread with chocolatespread
Snack: 1.5 advocaatreep
Lunch: 1 cracker with peanutbutter and mixed fruit
Snack: bowl of nibb-it
Dinner: 2 chicken crispy and mixed veggies
Drinks: 1 can of diet coke, 1 black tea, water
Supplements: vit d (1), fish oil (2), magnesium (2)

Day 8 – Loads of deadlifts

July 4, 2016


Deadlift 5-3-1

For time:
30/25 Cal Row
30 Toes-to-bar
30 Deadlifts, 102,5kg/70kg

My workout: 
For the deadlifts I did 5 x 65kg, 3 x 75kg and 1 x 80kg. I did try 85kg as well, but couldn’t get it up. I’m close though.

For part B, I scaled the ttb to knee raises and did the deadlifts with 45kg. I’m pretty sure my time was 6m52, but it might have been 7m52 though… I should write these things down right away.

After the workout I cooled down on the assault bike for 5 min (26 cal).

My mood:
Tired from the busy weekend, but other than that real good. Felt a little bit nauseous again after the workout, but only a tiny bit and could easily ignore it.

My food:
Breakfast: 2 slices of brown bread
Lunch: brown bun with filet americain and an egg + small green salad with tomato and cucumber
Snack: nectarine
Snack 2: banana
Dinner: half a pizza, whole bag of ringlings crisps and 1.5 advocaatreep :(
Drinks: water, green tea and 1 can of diet coke
Supplements: vit d3 (1), fish oil (2), magnesium (2)

Went wel up to dinner ;).

Day 7 – Bounce around

July 3, 2016

My workout:
Again no workout.. as today was my sister’s bachelorette party. We picked her up at 10am for a day full of fun. We did a Burlesque workshop (was supposed to be a pole dancing workshop, but the organisation messed up). And after that we went to a “bouncy castle” festival, which is basically a big area full of ‘wipe out’ type inflatable courses. It was so much fun! I might not have worked out, but going though those “assault courses” was just as tiring sometimes ;).

My mood:
Good overall. I had a bad headache throughout the day, so did need to pop a lot Paracetamol. Headache never really went away, but it was manageable. I did feel some fear of claustrophobia at the festival, as a lot of those bouncy castle have small areas that you have to climb through. I didn’t let it stop me from taking any though. And didn’t have any trouble during. It’s just the anxiety beforehand. I truly believe it will get less and less every day. One thing I also noticed very badly is that after some activities, which I was a bit nervous for (jumping off a high ramp for example) the shakiness in my muscles was very noticeable.. I wonder if it’s something to do with blood pressure..

My food:
Breakfast: 2 slices of brown bread with chocolatespread
Snack: Eat Natural protein bar with peanuts and chocolate
Lunch: hamburger and fries
Dinner: falafel wrap
Drinks: water, 1 prosecco, 1 coke, 5 or 6 beer

I didn’t get drunk.. but can’t have a bachelorette without a little drink. Writing it up the food wasn’t so bad though. Better than most days at home :p. Forgot my supplements again.

Day 6 – Wedding steps

July 2, 2016

My workout:
I didn’t work out this day as I had a wedding to go to. The wedding was in Goirle, which is pretty much as far as you can take me within Holland, as it’s at the border to Belgium. I was invited all day by my lovely friends so left here at noon and didn’t come hum until 1:30 at night. It was super nice though. But ya.. no exercise at all (apart from a lot of walking and dancing :)).

My mood:
Very good. What’s not to like when at a wedding. Had to hold back a tear once or twice, but that’s just because love is so beautiful :). I did feel a little anxiety when arriving. As I was meeting my friends who know about my little anxiety issue, but that soon went away.

My food:
Breakfast: 2 slices of brown bread with chocolate spread
Lunch: a big mac
Snacks: ham, cheese, cucumber
Dinner: BBQ, loads of meat
Dessert: 2 mini cupcakes
Snacks: bitterbal and frikandel
Drinks: water, tea, 1 prosecco, 2 beers

Let’s say that we were well fed at the wedding. Since it started after lunch I went for a big mac.. so not such a good day health wise. I think I forgot to take my supplements. Might have taken d3 and fish oil in the morning, but can’t remember. Definitely forgot to take magnesium.

Out of the hole – day 5

July 1, 2016



  • Bench press 10-10-10-10-10
  • Weighted ring dips 5-5-5-5-5

My workout:
Bench press: 20kg – 25kg – 30kg – 35kg – 40kg

With 40kg I failed on the last rep, so only did 9 reps. Didn’t have time to try at 37.5kg. But doubt I would have made it. The 40kg started to get heavy real fast, quite pleased I made it through 9, but was really spent after that.

Ring dips: 4 – 3 – 3 – 2 – 2

Without any extra weight. I’m heavy enough :p. Ring dips go so quickly.. was a bit disappointed that I couldn’t stick to 4’s or 3’s.. but I was the only girl that could do more than one so I guess it’s not that bad :).

My mood:
Very good :). I went to get some blood taken this morning. Got a bit nervous for that. During it I had to really focus on keeping my heart rate down.. which I guess you can’t, cause focusing on it just makes it worse. I did feel more tense that I normally am during these things, but it wasn’t unbearable and managed to get through it ok. After that it was just a nice day without any anxiety.

My food:
Breakfast: two slices of bread with chocolate spread
Lunch: half a grilled chicken with half a bag of nibb-it
Snack: m&m’s
Dinner: one cracker with cheese
Drinks: water, 1 green tea, 1 can of diet coke
Supplements: vit d3 (1), fish oil (2), magnesium (2)

Ugh. not good at food still. Other than the food I’m starting to feel amazing again. Really starting to feel the happy CrossFit flow :D.

Out of the hole – day 4

June 30, 2016



3 rounds, each for time, of:
– 400m Run
– 21 Kettlebell swings, 24kg/16kg
– 12 Pull-ups
*Rest 3 minutes between rounds

My workout:
I left work late because of a meeting and then realised I had to go for petrol or I wouldn’t make it to the box.. which made me late for the 5:30pm class. Instead I decided to go home. After doing some groceries and walking my dog I realised I could actually do this workout at home, as I have a kettlebell and rings. So I did it right away. I changed the pull ups for ring rows.. measured my first run with runkeeper and as it turns out my run around the block is exactly 400m. I didn’t read good though, because I missed the part where it says rest 3 min between rounds. Oops! I never rested.. did all three rounds in one go.. my time was 13 min 45 sec. It felt good though. I have been scaling the weights a lot and haven’t used a 16kg kb for ages.. but it didn’t feel too heavy at all. For me it’s always the run that sucks the most.

I’m very happy that I worked out even though I missed the class.

My mood:
Feeling very good today. No anxiety all day.. I felt very relaxed.

My food:
Breakfast: 2 slices of brown bread with chocolate spread
Snack: a pear
Lunch: one slice of brown bread with crabsalad, 2 slices of cheese and a small salad
Snack: 3 pieces of ‘bitterballen’ and some crisps (informal work meeting)
Dinner: half a grilled chicken with green beans
Snack: half a big of nibb-it and some m&m’s :(
Drinks: water, 3 cups of tea, half a glass of diet coke
Supplements: vit d3 (1), fish oil (2), magnesium (2)

Still not going great with the munchies.. but at least I ate green beans. Almost opted for rosti instead.

Out of the hole – day 3

June 29, 2016


IMG_0650 IMG_0651


“Tabata Row”
Rest 1 minute
“Tabata Burpees”
Rest 1 minute
“Tabata Assault Bike”
Rest 1 minute
“Tabata Double-unders”

And if that WOD was not enough torture already, this was the “warmup”:

1600m run
2 rounds:
– 10 KB sumo deadlift highpulls
– 10 down ups
– 50 speed steps
– 25 double unders

My workout:
Like.. wth!! 1600m run.. that’s a workout on it’s own, and then with the speed steps and double unders.. I was dying after this. And then we still had to start the workout. To make it all worse, Wes mis-set the clock, so after the first 2 rounds of rowing he made us stop and start all over!! lol… Honestly though.. these are the days that I love Crossfit most. Yes, I hated every second of the workout and felt like dying during and after it. But at the same time it feels so good to do the shit that hurts so much. I just wish I was better at it.

My reps were 40 row – 36 burpees – 25 airdyne – 129 double unders.  I couldn’t give anything on the airdyne. My arms felt so tired that I was almost only using my legs and just couldn’t really go for it. All the other stations felt alright.. burpees were hell of course.. double unders were hard too, as they were the latest station. I did 30 in the first 20 seconds, but couldn’t do as much in the rest of them.

I got a bit nauseous after the workout. I was already a bit nauseous before actually. Wasn’t able to eat much today either.. luckily it didn’t bother me during the workout. I do feel nauseous after workouts a lot lately.. I can’t remember that happening very often (or ever??) before..

My mood:
I was a feeling a bit more tense again today.. not super bad.. but not great either. Felt a bit nauseous all day as well.. not sure if I was really nauseous or if it was because of the tension I felt. After the workout it was much better though (after the post-workout nausea went away :p).

My food:
Breakfast: 2 slices of brown bread with chocolatespread
Snack: an orange
Lunch: brown bun with an egg, lettuce and cucumber
Pre workout snack: chocolate muesli bar
Post workout snack: another chocolate muesli bar
Dinner substitute: Purepharma protein shake (first shake ever!)
Dinner: pizza :s
Drinks: Water, 2 green tea and 1 can of diet coke
Supplements: vitamin d3 (1), fish oil (2), magnesium (2)

I feel bad about not eating as good as I should.. I didn’t eat enough during the day.. got home and realised my chicken was past the expiry date.. was so hungry that I decided to try the protein shake (left-over from Active Moments holiday). Which was disgusting… Then I still felt I should eat something proper. How I decided that pizza was “proper”.. don’t ask me. I just felt that after this hellish workout I deserved it I guess. I hope I can really turn around my eating habits soonish. Small steps I guess.. Still no coffee though :). That’s 8 days without coffee now :).

Out of the hole – Day 2

June 28, 2016

I didn’t have time to go to the box today. I only went for a short run in the morning. Which felt really good as I haven’t been running in a while. I ran 2.19km in 14m55. That’s a 6:48 pace. Whenever I stay under the 7 I’m quite happy ;).

My back is starting to hurt a bit more than usual again. Bothered me a lot this evening when on the couch.

My mood:
A bit tense in the morning as I was nervous for an appointment at the firefight-station and a doctors appointment. But much better in the afternoon. Felt pretty happy and strong overall.

My food:
Breakfast: 2 slices of brown bread with chocolate spread
Post-run snack: pear and a little bit of quark with oats
Lunch: 3 eggs scrambled and 1 whole red bell pepper
Snack: whole bag of m&m’s :(
Dinner: salad with mozarella, tomato and jamon serrano
Drinks: water, water and more water
Supplements: vitamin d3 (1), fish oil (2)

Failed on the food department.. couldn’t resist the bag of m&m’s.

Out of the hole, onto the track – Day 1

So.. I have been pretty miserable lately. During the last Open workout I made a wrong move and a painful sting went through my back. I have been struggling with a lower back/hip issue ever since. I stopped training for a while.. had a period of only running and cycling.. and am now slowly getting back on track with CrossFit. There is still some pain there, but working out does not seem to make it worse, and couch sitting does.

Next to being physically not in shape, I’ve also been feeling a little bit less strong mentally. A lot of big things are happening… I’m buying a house, I’m applying to become a firefighter.. and some other things are happening that have caused me some stress and inner turmoil.

But it’s time to crawl out of that hole and get back on track! I’m going to make an effort to write an update every day, wether I have worked out or not. As it’s not only about physical fitness this time, but also about mental fitness. Eating habits are also a big thing that I’ve been slacking and need to get back on track.


Hello and welcome to my journey to become yet again a healthy and fit person!


Day 1 – June 27, 2016

20 min amrap

  • 5 chest to bar pull ups
  • 10 ring dips
  • 15 overhead squats 30kg

My workout:
5 rounds + 2 dips. I did the first 2 rounds of C2B pullups with a green band and the rest of the rounds with a black band. I did 5 (strict) matador dips in the first round and 3 every other round.  The squats I did with 15kg.

My food:
Breakfast: 2 slices of brown bread with chocolate spread
Snack: 6 almonds
Lunch: brown bun with lettuce, cucumber, onion, an egg and filet americain
Snack: 6 almonds and 25gr of dark chocolate
Pre workout snack: AH chocolate muesli bar
Post workout snack: Banana
Dinner: Steak with cassava crisps
Supplements: D3 (1) + magnesium (2)
Drinks: Water, 2 green tea and 1 can of diet coke

My thoughts:
I felt really good after the workout. Also had a phone call with the firefighter brigade as I’m having some seconds thoughts about whether it’s a good idea to continue with it (I’ve completed all tests and basically I now have to decide if I will start the 2-year firefighter-school). It was a good talk and made me feel even better. Still haven’t decided what to do though..