Day 7 – Bounce around

July 3, 2016

My workout:
Again no workout.. as today was my sister’s bachelorette party. We picked her up at 10am for a day full of fun. We did a Burlesque workshop (was supposed to be a pole dancing workshop, but the organisation messed up). And after that we went to a “bouncy castle” festival, which is basically a big area full of ‘wipe out’ type inflatable courses. It was so much fun! I might not have worked out, but going though those “assault courses” was just as tiring sometimes ;).

My mood:
Good overall. I had a bad headache throughout the day, so did need to pop a lot Paracetamol. Headache never really went away, but it was manageable. I did feel some fear of claustrophobia at the festival, as a lot of those bouncy castle have small areas that you have to climb through. I didn’t let it stop me from taking any though. And didn’t have any trouble during. It’s just the anxiety beforehand. I truly believe it will get less and less every day. One thing I also noticed very badly is that after some activities, which I was a bit nervous for (jumping off a high ramp for example) the shakiness in my muscles was very noticeable.. I wonder if it’s something to do with blood pressure..

My food:
Breakfast: 2 slices of brown bread with chocolatespread
Snack: Eat Natural protein bar with peanuts and chocolate
Lunch: hamburger and fries
Dinner: falafel wrap
Drinks: water, 1 prosecco, 1 coke, 5 or 6 beer

I didn’t get drunk.. but can’t have a bachelorette without a little drink. Writing it up the food wasn’t so bad though. Better than most days at home :p. Forgot my supplements again.

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