Finding my 1 rep max

Both my coach and my friend (my go-to fitness guru) think implementing Wendler as the schedule I posted earlier is a great idea. So now I just had to know my 1 rep max for the four movements to be able to get started with it. I already knew my shoulder press, because we did shoulder presses a week ago and my one rep max for that is 70 lbs. I never really tried for a one rep max back squat, but in a workout about 2 weeks ago the heaviest I could go was 135 lbs so I’m going to set that as my 1 rep max.

So then it was just the deadlift and bench press yet to be determined. I decided to skip the Saturday morning WOD and instead come in to find my 1 rep max. My four rep maxes are now set to be the following.

Shoulder Press 70 lbs (32kg)

Deadlift 175 lbs (79.5kg)

Bench Press 95 lbs (43kg)

Back Squat 135 lbs (61kg)

So these numbers are going to be what I will base the percentages of the Wendler workouts off. I can’t wait to get started!!

It’s also interesting to see, if I compare my maxes to this sheet of strength goals based on body weight, that I am on intermediate level with back squat and strict press, but not with deadlift and bench press.


I can’t wait to see where I will be a couple of months from now!

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