Handstand Challenge Day 2 to 4

It was my plan to do some of the handstand challenges and then join in with the WOD. But, I messed up my arm during the handstands :(. One exercise (day 3) is turning your hands towards the wall as much as possible, but with your fingers on plates as well, which is quite tough. But what is tougher is getting down after it is done and you’re tired. I lost my balance and my arm snapped the wrong way for a second. Ouchh!!!

My hand started having the pins and needles feeling right away and I thought it was best to stop everything. It feels better today though. Yesterday evening the pins and needles disappeared but my pinky started bending a little bit. Felt really tight. But much better today. Hopefully tomorrow all will feel good again. I’m kind of glad work kept me late so that I missed tonight’s WOD. I was tempted to do it, but think is best to give my arm a day rest after yesterday. I should really go for a run though. But feeling too lazy!!

Anyway.. these are day 2, day 3 and day 4 of the handstand challenge.

Day 2 – Move weight from palm of hands to fingers for 20 reps.

Day 3 – Move hands 45 to 90 degrees towards walls with fingers on plates

Day 4 – Slightly bend shoulders and lock out for 30 reps

And this is my handstand fail (after day 3 – I did day 4 before day 3).

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