Handstand Challenge Day 8 to 11

On Wednesday I showed up at the box without workout pants! So stupid… So instead I headed home and did some of the handstand challenges.

Challenge Day 8 – Posterior Pelvic Tilt. Also knowns as “twerking against the wall” :p. Had to do this for 60 reps. I actually struggled a lot with this one. I tried it before in the last couple of days and never seemed to get much motion happening. Not so good at the booty shaking I’m afraid.

Challenge Day 9 – Scapular Elevation. Shrug up and down while in a handstand. Also not so easy. Can really see in the video that I start with big range of motion and it gets less and less with each rep. Had to do this for 30 reps.

Challenge Day 10 – Knee Control. I liked this one. Simply had to bend the knees for 30 reps. When I tried this the first time a day earlier in the box I almost fell over on the first few reps, but after those first few reps it was nice and easy.


Then on Thursday I went for a walk on the beach with Murphy and saw this wall and figured that I might as well try my next challenge there. I was actually quite scared to try this one: shoulder taps. So figured that sand would be nice and soft to crash into if I would fail. But I didn’t. All I did was throw heaps of sand all over myself and in my face with every rep!! lol

After this I tried to practice some free standing handstands. I failed every time, but did manage to take a nice screencap at the right moment ;).


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