June 26, 2014


– Double Unders


1 Minute On/Off Double Unders x 3 Rounds


In Teams of 3 (2 Work, 1 Rests)

– Complete 7500m Row (250m at a time)

– Rotate between rowing, KB Swings and resting until 7500m is complete, then:

– 1200m KB Carry

My double unders were absolute crap. I don’t understand why sometimes they come so easily and sometimes they seem impossible. Really need to practice them more!!

The WOD was not a lot of fun imho. A bit long with just 2 movements… It was nice though because two of my colleagues came with me to see what CrossFit is about so we got to be a team of 3. We scaled down to 6000m row total, but we had a 30 minute timecap and only made it to a little bit over 4000m I think. As it was the first time for them it obviously didn’t all go as fast as maybe it could have gone. Not even because they’re not fit, but all the movements are new and the transitions and everything. They did great though! I did the kettlebell swings with 12kg and it got actually quite tough, because the idea was that you were not allowed to stop until the one rowing had done 200m. But I had to take some breaks now and then.

After the 30 minute timecap we did 3 laps with 1 8kg kettlebell. We each carried it 1 lap. I think my colleagues really enjoyed it and they are talking of signing up as well. So I’m happy about that!