June 28, 2014

I felt like going to the Saturday morning workout in the box, but decided I needed a rest day, because it was the plan to go to Mike’s Gym on Sunday morning. This is a gym that has build a fitness “playground” outside, which looks absolutely amazing!!

I signed up for a charity swim on July 13th. It’s a 3km swim in open water from Puento Romano to Marbella port.

I’m not good at swimming at all. I can’t do a proper crawl so I think it will be breaststroke all the way through. But I think it’ll be nice to try. You get maximum 90 minutes to finish the distance.

Anyway, I decided to try some open water swimming as a practice run. I think I swam about 500 meters in 15 minutes. (I’m easing myself into it :p)



I swam to one of the buoys and back, but I was a bit to the side from it, that’s why I think it was 500 meter (the buoy is supposed to be 200m from the shore). That apartment building in the center of the image is where I live btw :D.

In the evening I went for a short bike trip.