Open 15.3

On Monday I went in for the Open 15.3 workout. Which was bad timing, because I was up all night feeling seriously ill. All morning I was in bed feeling horrible. Very bad throath ache and headache.. I think I have a sinus infection.

I had no choice but to go though as this was the last day to be able to submit a score and I didn’t want a 0 score. So I thought I would just go in and see how far I’d come. Even if I had only 1 rep then at least I tried.

The 15.3 Rx workout is

14 minute AMRAP:

  • 7 muscle ups
  • 50 wall balls 14 lbs
  • 100 double unders

So.. yea.. since I can’t do muscle ups it wasn’t possible to try the Rx. I did do a little bit of practice and trying out the muscle up to see if I could come close. I thought that if I felt I was close I would just try and get 1 in those 14 minutes. But in practice I really felt I am still far far away from getting one so was no use in trying. Especially because my stomach was hurting like never before from the rope climbs Saturday. Seriously, the muscle ache from that workout was insane!! My whole core felt like somebody stomped me in the stomach. My shoulders too. Just dead hanging from the rings already hurt and pulling up was agony.. so yea… no muscle up for meĀ ;).

Instead I went for the scaled option:

Open 15.3 Scaled

14 minute AMRAP:

  • 50 wall balls 10 lbs
  • 200 single rope jumps

My workout:
I was unlucky because they didn’t have a 10lbs ball, so I had to do it with a 6kg (which is almost 14 lbs) ball. The singles were harder than I thought they would be! They feel so easy after focussing on double unders for so long.. but after the wall balls… hard to keep the breathing down! My feet started cramping a little bit as well during the jumps. In the end I completed two full round and 8 wallballs for a total of 508 reps. Which was the worst score of everyone… which I’m used to lol. But for someone who could hardly get out of bed all day feeling sick I was still quite happy.

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