Out of the hole – day 3

June 29, 2016


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“Tabata Row”
Rest 1 minute
“Tabata Burpees”
Rest 1 minute
“Tabata Assault Bike”
Rest 1 minute
“Tabata Double-unders”

And if that WOD was not enough torture already, this was the “warmup”:

1600m run
2 rounds:
– 10 KB sumo deadlift highpulls
– 10 down ups
– 50 speed steps
– 25 double unders

My workout:
Like.. wth!! 1600m run.. that’s a workout on it’s own, and then with the speed steps and double unders.. I was dying after this. And then we still had to start the workout. To make it all worse, Wes mis-set the clock, so after the first 2 rounds of rowing he made us stop and start all over!! lol… Honestly though.. these are the days that I love Crossfit most. Yes, I hated every second of the workout and felt like dying during and after it. But at the same time it feels so good to do the shit that hurts so much. I just wish I was better at it.

My reps were 40 row – 36 burpees – 25 airdyne – 129 double unders.  I couldn’t give anything on the airdyne. My arms felt so tired that I was almost only using my legs and just couldn’t really go for it. All the other stations felt alright.. burpees were hell of course.. double unders were hard too, as they were the latest station. I did 30 in the first 20 seconds, but couldn’t do as much in the rest of them.

I got a bit nauseous after the workout. I was already a bit nauseous before actually. Wasn’t able to eat much today either.. luckily it didn’t bother me during the workout. I do feel nauseous after workouts a lot lately.. I can’t remember that happening very often (or ever??) before..

My mood:
I was a feeling a bit more tense again today.. not super bad.. but not great either. Felt a bit nauseous all day as well.. not sure if I was really nauseous or if it was because of the tension I felt. After the workout it was much better though (after the post-workout nausea went away :p).

My food:
Breakfast: 2 slices of brown bread with chocolatespread
Snack: an orange
Lunch: brown bun with an egg, lettuce and cucumber
Pre workout snack: chocolate muesli bar
Post workout snack: another chocolate muesli bar
Dinner substitute: Purepharma protein shake (first shake ever!)
Dinner: pizza :s
Drinks: Water, 2 green tea and 1 can of diet coke
Supplements: vitamin d3 (1), fish oil (2), magnesium (2)

I feel bad about not eating as good as I should.. I didn’t eat enough during the day.. got home and realised my chicken was past the expiry date.. was so hungry that I decided to try the protein shake (left-over from Active Moments holiday). Which was disgusting… Then I still felt I should eat something proper. How I decided that pizza was “proper”.. don’t ask me. I just felt that after this hellish workout I deserved it I guess. I hope I can really turn around my eating habits soonish. Small steps I guess.. Still no coffee though :). That’s 8 days without coffee now :).

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