SUP and Wendler Week 2, Day 4, Back Squat

I started the Sunday with some stand up paddle! Didn’t get very far though, because it was a little bit wavey and my friends didn’t manage to stand up on their board lol. So I just went around in circles near the beach haha.

I used a board of a friend of mine and it’s much smaller than the standard board you can rent so in the beginning it felt really wobbly, but after a┬ácouple of┬áminutes I got used to it and felt more confident. I really love being on the water. I jumped in for a little swim as well, but it was surprisingly cold!! Hard to imagine I swam 3km in the same cold water just a couple of weeks ago!






After that lovely morning on the water we went for some nice sardinas and beer at the chiringuito (gotta love Spanish life!). In the afternoon my friend told me he was going for a workout and for some reason I felt for going as well. So I went to the box and did some squats. I didn’t feel for doing much else though. We warmed up with 3 rounds of

  • 20 sec double unders
  • 10 sec rest
  • 20 sec air squats
  • 10 sec rest
  • 20 sec push ups
  • 10 sec rest
  • 20 sec sit ups
  • 10 sec rest

Then I did my squats. They continue to be the hardest of the 4 Wendler movements for me.


I messed up the weights on the 2nd set, but I guess it doesn’t matter much. The 3 reps are no problem at all with these weights. But it does get quite hard quite fast doing anything more than that.

After the squats I did 50 jumping lunges (5 sets of 10) and then I spent some time practicing my overhead squat (first with a broomstick and then with a 15kg bar).

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