WOD December 1, 2014


– 1RM Back Squat

– 1RM Shoulder Press

My workout:
Woohoo. I PR’d both my 1 rep maxes. :D And that while I was feeling a bit under the weather too. I almost decided not to train today. Because I’ve had this cough and been training so much last week. But I didn’t feel like going home straight from work either. So showed up in the end. I managed to get a 160 lbs (72.6kg) back squat. My last 1RM was 150 lbs in September. It was quite hard to get it up, but I managed :D. Then the shoulder press I managed 80 lbs (36.3kg). I think I might have been able to do a little more.. but didn’t want to push my luck.



21-15-9 reps of:

– Thrusters #95/65

– Pull Ups

My workout:
This is where the suck started. The last time I did Fran was in Estepona and I used 20kg and a band for the pull ups and did it in 8 minutes. This time I used 30kgs (65 lbs) and no band. I decided on scaling the reps instead. I wanted to do 15-9-6. But after the first 15 I already felt like I was dead.. so I faltered and only did 6 in the next round.. and then another 6 in the final round. It felt like giving up. Not a nice feeling. My time was 7 min 54. But I’m ashamed of changing the reps half through. Weak, weak, weak. And my time is quite bad if you consider the amount of reps.. I don’t know if me feeling crappy weighed in a bit.. but not happy about this workout.

WOD November 27, 2014

Didn’t have a great workout day.. it was raining like a maniac all day, which doesn’t really have to do with anything, but adds to the misery :p. I went to the 8:15pm class, because I wanted to see my friend who always goes at that time. Meant I had to drive back home first to walk Murphy (in the rain :p) and drive back for the class. But it was nice to see him again :).

The workout was not my favorite..


– Deadlift

5 reps @ 40%

5 reps @ 50%

5 reps @ 60%

My workout:
I went a little bit heavier. Started with 5 x 95 lbs, then 5 x 115 lbs, 5 x 135 lbs, 5 x 145 lbs and another 5 x 145 lbs.



3 Rounds For Time:

– 400m Run

– 21 KB Swings

– 12 Pull Ups

My workout:
This went really bad. My conditioning is so crap since I’m back. I can hardly run a lap without walking. And on Tuesday I ripped my hand during the pull ups so both kb swings and pull ups were horrible now. The kb swings were ok, but I really couldn’t do kipping pull ups. So I took a band to do strict ones, but even then it hurt, so I scaled the reps to 6. I also just wasn’t feeling it energy wise. Before we started I didn’t pay attention and thought the WOD was 4 or 5 rounds. I was falling behind so I started scaling my kb reps as well  and then suddenly after 3 rounds I was done. Felt a bit stupid.

round 1: 400m run (in the pouring rain), 21 kb swings, 6 banded strict pull ups (medium band)
round 2: 400m run (with a tiny bit of walking), 21 kb swings, 6 banded strict pull ups (medium band)
round 3: 400m run (with a tiny bit more walking), 15 kb swings, 6 banded strict pull ups (medium band)

Time: about 12:40 minutes I think :(

WOD November 25, 2014 and Wendler Cycle C Week 3 Back Squat

I still had to do my back squats, so managed to squeeze them in while the others were doing deload week for bench press.

Back Squat

5 x 105 lbs (47.6kg)
3 x 120 lbs (54.4kg)
5 x 135 lbs (61.2kg)

It felt quite good. I think I could have repped a couple of more out if I really went for it.



20 Minute AMRAP:

  • 5 Pull Ups
  • 10 Push Ups
  • 15 Squats

My workout:
10 rounds + 3 pull ups Rx. Kipping pull ups. They went quite well! I did rip my hand after about 8 rounds. That’s never fun. I didn’t really know what to expect of this workout, because I had never done it before. I did Chelsea before, which is the same movements and you’re supposed to do them on the minute for 30 minutes, which I scaled and even then did not manage well. So I knew I was not going to get close to 20 rounds.. The leaderboard for the girls has 13 rounds as the highest. So I think for someone who is just starting to Rx some WOD’s the result is not too shabby. Stacy (guy from the box) was a superstar and did 27!! rounds!

WOD November 24, 2014

We did Grace! And I improved :D.



For Time:

– 30 Clean and Jerks 135/95lbs

My workout:
Last time I did Grace was September 2 (that was also the first time I did Grace). Then I used 65 lbs (29.5kg) and took 4 min and 13 seconds. Today I used 70 lbs (31.8kg) and took 3 min and 58 seconds :D. Improvement!! Oh yea!! It didn’t go flawless though, I missed one rep because I hit my face with the bar :s. So I have a nice bump on my chin now. But other than that it went great! I’m putting on an extra 5 lbs again next time :D.

Before the WOD we did back squats, but with deload weights. I did 3 x5 with 95 lbs, 95 lbs and 115 lbs.

WOD September 1, 2014


– 5 x 5 Overhead Squats

My workout
Overhead squats are my biggest weakness in CrossFit. I’m a bit scared of doing them. The first time I tried them my arm started tingling and I ended up with a tingling thumb for over a month. I annoyed my nerve somehow and ever since I’m a bit reluctant to even try the overhead squat. Until now I’ve only been doing it with a pvc pipe. I think last time I tried it with 15kg bar for a couple of reps, but other than that I never really did proper overhead squats again. Today I started with a 15kg bar again and did 3 sets of 5 with that and it actually felt quite good. For the fourth set I added 5 lbs so was total 40 lbs and for the last set I added 10 lbs so in the end the rep scheme looked like this.

Set 1: 5 x 35 lbs
Set 2: 5 x 35 lbs
Set 3: 5 x 35 lbs
Set 4: 5 x 40 lbs
Set 5: 5 x 50 lbs

Not very spectacular, but I was just happy everything felt good.



For Time:

– 30 Clean and Jerks 135/95lbs

My workout
Grace!! I’ve heard so much talk about it, but I had never done it before. At first I was tempted to try the Rx weight.. but realized that Grace is supposed to be a quick one.. so I did it with 65 lbs and my time was 4 minute 13 seconds. I felt I could have gone faster though!!! So I think I will try it again soon with the same weights and try to get under 4 minutes!

Still far away from anything like this though.

WOD July 17, 2014



50-40-30-20-10 reps of:

– Double Unders

– Sit Ups

My workout
Rx’d in 10 minutes and 40 seconds :D


In Pairs (You go, I go)

4 x 400m Run (each)

My workout
I didn’t time it, but I think we both ran the 400m between 2 min and 2m30 each time. Alternated normal plank, high plank, side plank, and sitting on butt sipping water :p. Running for me really is a mental game. I feel like I can’t finish it whenever I get to the uphill part, but of course I can. Didn’t stop to walk, because I knew my buddy was painfully holding a plank until I got back.