WOD 22-24-26 August 2013

On Monday we did the exact same workout that I did on my very first CrossFit class six weeks ago. So it was a nice way for me to measure some progress.

It was Fran (21-15-9 thrusters/pullups) and during the first class I did it in 10m13 seconds with 10kg on the thrusters and using the black band for the pull ups. After six weeks I was able to do it in 8m08 seconds with 5kg more on the thrusters. Still using the black band though.

But still, I managed to bring my time down with 2 minutes while adding some weight. So I´m happy :).

I also set a personal record for the Front Squat. I managed one good one. In my last set my coach told me I wasn´t going down far enough and when I finally did boy did I notice the difference! I wish he had told me a bit sooner though.. I feel like I´ve probably been doing it wrong all this time. Anyway, I did mange to do one good one with a 20kg bar + 70lbs in weight on it so that´s..  52,2kg!! Getting close to my body weight!! :D

Last saturday we had an awesome WOD at the box. Normally saturday mornings are at the beach, but for some reason it wasn´t possible this week. I was a bit disappointed at first, because I love the workouts on the beach, but this was sooooo coool. Rich has just bought some new toys for the box and that includes two huge tires. So part of the workout was flipping tires :D.

The workout was:

2 teams of 4, per team:

180 clean & jerks
40 hill runs
8 distances of tire flips (I don´t know what the distance was)

So that was 45 clean & jerks each, 10 runs each and the tire flips we just did however it worked out. Which worked out in me and one other teammate doing 2 and the guys doing 5 and all four us doing the remaining 1 together.

The hill run was basically running up a hill and then jogging/walking back down.

The clean & jerks I did with 8kg.

Here are some pictures of the morning. It was so cool!!





The Thursday before that I brought my friend Mirella, who was visiting me from Holland. (She came on Monday as well.) She was really scared to come with me haha, but now she signed up to the box in Amsterdam because she loved it so much!! :D

The workout on Thursday was in pairs for time:

100 wall balls each
100 burpees each
100 sit ups each

The med ball was not allowed to touch the ground after start, so one of the pair had to hold the ball at all times. There was a 25 minute time cap and Mirella did really good for her first WOD. She finished the wall balls and sit ups and did up to 16 burpees I think. I finished the wall balls and sit ups too and got up to 65 burpees.

Before that workout we had to do  7 minutes of alternating Turkish Get Ups. Yes, that is an exercise. They are quite heavy! But I liked doing them. I think I did 3 on each side, so 6 total (with 8kg kettlebell). The exercise looks like this.

Before Thursday I hadn´t been to the box for a week!! :O I don´t know what happened, but lets say life got in the way :p.

This week I´m not going 4 times as I wanted to do either. I think maybe I should stick with 3 times a week. Not because I don´t want to go more often, but more because I just don´t really want to make the time for it. It gets in the way of other fun stuff (plus some much needed relaxing time) too much. Anyway.. we´ll see. I´ll go 4 times if I can and try to stick with at least 3 times a week no matter what.

On another note. I signed up for a run next Sunday! It´s a 10km run for a good cause. I´ve never run 10km in my life before so that´s going to be a challenge. I haven´t been running at all since I moved to this area so I´m a little out of practise too. And it´s going to be hot. It starts at 10am on the Marbella paseo and you get 1.5 hour to finish. I hope I make it!!


WOD 23 July 2013


Last night´s WOD was a tough one. It was hard to do it and I felt it after twice as hard. I love how it feels when you finish though. There´s something strangely satisfying about lying in a pool of sweat and knowing that you have done more than you thought you could.

The WOD started with a warm up of 4 sets of 20 squats and 10 push ups. I did the push ups from the knees.

After this we did 10-8-6-4-2 sets of toes to bar (I did knees to shoulders) and ring dips. Both were new exercises for me.

Toes to bar
You hang from a bar and move your toes up until they reach the bar.

Knees to shoulders is a bit easier for rookies like me.

Ring dips
This video shows what they are. I did the first example ´static ring dips´ and they were hard enough.

After a few I had trouble getting up properly, let alone holding it there for a little while. But the instructor helped me out by holding the rings together (because that´s basically what happens, you move your arms to the side when you can´t hold it) and made me hold position for a looooong time. I can tell you, you feel that in your core!!

So, when we were finished with that I was already sweating and shaking. But the real WOD had yet to start.

It was one of “the girls” with an extra touch. Rich, the box owner, called it Crazy Karen:

150 wall balls with (in my case) 2 clean & jerks every minute on the minute. Again, two exercises I had never heard of.

Wall balls
The movement begins as a front squat and follows through to a push press/shove that sends the ball up and forward to the target from which it rebounds back to the throwers outstretched arms where it is “absorbed” back into the squat. In its entirety the wall-ball is quite simply a throw.

Clean & Jerk
A lift in which a weight is raised from the floor to shoulder height, held there briefly, and then pushed overhead in a rapid motion of the arms.

So basically you start in a squat position with the weight on the floor. you pick it up and stand up with it while taking it to the shoulder. Then, while standing straight straighten your arm so you’re holding the weight above your head. I did it single arm (so one weight at a time) with a 8lbs (3.7kg) weight.

The exercise meant (I was very confused with it at first) that you start of with the wall balls then on every minute you stop to do the two clean & jerks and then as quickly as possible continue with the wall balls. Time stops when you finished 150 wall balls. So start with wall balls, when the clock hits 1 minute you do 2 clean & jerks, continue with wall balls, when clock hits 2 minutes do the 2 clean & jerks and so on. So, the faster you do the clean & jerks the more time you will have for your wall balls.

I did the wall balls with a 10lbs (4.6kg) ball. And I have to admit that not every throw went over the line (there is a line drawn on the wall and the ball is supposed to hit the wall above it). I also lost count a couple of times so I’m pretty sure I cheated on the count as well. Just not sure if it was in my favor or not. But my time was 13m39 seconds.

And after that I felt like I could rule the world!

Didn’t last long though. Later in the evening, after dinner, I felt horrible. So tired! But I couldn’t sleep either. I felt dehydrated, even though I had been drinking a lot. So much so that I had to go to the toilet pretty much every hour throughout the night. This morning I still felt really worn out. But during the day it got much better.

But now I feel a bit worse again. I have a lot of pain in my ear. I think it’s a mild ear infection. I tried scuba diving the weekend before last and had some trouble clearing. Had some trouble with my ear ever since and now it’s complaining about it I think. I hope it will feel better tomorrow.

Now it’s time for an early sleep (it’s not even 22:30 yet).

Buenas noches!