Wendler Week 2, Day 2 and 3, Deadlift and Bench Press

After a rest day on Thursday I had a great training day on Friday. After a short row and some mobility I did a warm up together with Rich of 5 minutes of 25 double unders on the minute. I quickly started messing them up :s. I don’t know what it is.. but it’s so easy to lose that stupid movement. After doing them so good for the last couple of times I really felt like a clumsy fool again today. But all in all.. still managed to do 25 within each minute, so can’t complain too much.

Then it was time for some deadlifts.


After the deadlifts I tried some one-legged bodyweight deadlift, which I read about here.

Then I moved onto the bench press.


I was smart enough to ask for a spotter this time and managed to do 11! with the same weight as last week.

I still feel that the rep scheme is so low for this strength program. 3 sets of such little reps… it’s done within 10 minutes!

After the bench press I did a 10 minute EMOM of 2 pull ups on the uneven numbers and 2 dips on the even. I think next time I will try 3 every minute. The last dips did already get quite hard though.

After this I did 5 rounds for time of 5 front squats at 75lbs and 10 puhs ups, which I did in 9min53sec.

I finished with 50 pistol squats from a box (25 each leg).

Wendler Week 1, Day 2, Deadlift

Day 2 of my Wendler program covered the deadlift!


I had a little bit less of a clear idea of what to do for assistance work this day. Wendler’s bodyweight template had GHR and leg raises listed, but I wasn’t sure if I could do GHR’s on a GHD so I thought I’d maybe have to swap those for Good Mornings. As it turned out I could do them on the GHD, kind of.. but they are a very new movement to me and I thought they were quite hard! So I did 5×5 of those. I wanted to do hanging leg raises after that, but…. I can’t really do them!!! I am so inflexible it’s not normal… I should practice them. I think they are the same as Toes to Bar, but without kipping. And pfff.. hard!!! So I switched to doing 10 good mornings (not sure why I didn’t try normal leg raises), but this is also a movement that I’ve only done once before and I don’t feel 100% confident that I’m doing it right, so after the first 10 I switched to front squats. So yea.. a bit of a messy day.

After the assistance work I did 50 russian twists with a 25lbs plate.

The deadlifts felt fine :).

WOD 17 July 2013

I was so tired after last nights session that I didn´t even have the energy to post an update. It was crossfit, drive home, quick cooldown in the pool, dinner and straight to bed.

My body is hurting all over. It was bad yesterday, but today it feels worse. I woke up a couple of times last night feeling horrible. And this morning was hell to get up and ready for work. I guess it´s just my body needing to get used to these kind of exercises, but I hope it won´t always feel like this after a workout, because honestly, I feel like crap!

Good thing I have two resting days now before I go to the next session on Saturday morning. Which will be at the beach!!

Yesterday we did 5 sets of 5 deadlifts + 5 chin ups.  My sets:

15kg bar
1st set: + 2x 10 lbs (24.2kg)
2nd set: + 2x 20lbs (33.4kg)
3rd set: + 2x 30lbs (42.6kg)
4th set: + 2x 30lbs
5th set: + 2x 20lbs

The last one I did with less weights because the girl I shared the bar with took them off and I was too lazy to put them back on :p. And I did struggle a bit with my breathing at this point. I have trouble breathing properly when I do lifts like this. I fainted once, while doing a workout in a normal gym. I went to the doctor after it and it turns out I have a minor heart condition and they thought it caused my fainting. But I´m actually starting to think it´s just because of my breathing. Because I never have problems doing cardio or any other exercises. It´s just when I try to use weights…

Anyway, for the chin ups (after every set of 5 deadlifts we did 5 chinups) I started of using a green band, which is much, much thinner than the black band, but I didn´t see another one available. The exercise was to get up normally, but go down in 4 seconds, so very slowly, so you use your strength on the way down. I could get up 2 or 3 times the normal way but for the last 2 I had to use the box to jump up. After 3 sets I discovered a free black band and used that one for the last 2 sets and had no problems getting up.

After this it was an AMRAP (As Many Repetitions As Possible) in 15 minutes of:

1 wall walk

9 sit ups

7 burpees

8 overhead lunches

The wall walk you start lying on the ground facing the floor, with your feet against the wall. Then you push up and start walking up the wall with your feet and move your hands as close to the wall as you can. Effectively getting to a handstand position. After that you walk back down.

Sit ups are.. sit ups.

For burpees you can find an explanation on the Lingo page. I think it´s the move that everyone hates.. it takes up a lot of energy as you have to go down all the way to the ground and jump up again.

Overhead lunches are lunches with a weight held above your head. Like this:

I used a 10lbs (4.6kg) weight.

I managed to do 5 rounds + up to the 5th burpee in the last round. So 5 rounds + 15 movements.

I had to stop a lot of times to catch my breath during this workout. I don´t know if it was because I was already a bit worn out from the exercise before or if it´s just a hard workout. Probably both ;).

I have to say.. I started this post in the morning and finishing it in the afternoon. And I feel so much better now. This morning everything was aching and I felt so tired and worn out. Now, after a couple of hours and a nice walk to the beach during my lunch break I feel much better. Still have some aches here and there, but I´m already starting to look forward to the next WOD!

I really do wonder what we´re going to do on the beach. I just hope it doesn´t involve a lot of running on soft sand!

PS: This AMRAP was called Maria, not because it´s one of the official “Girls”, but because it was Maria (a member of CrossFit Marbella) her  birthday.