I haven´t been writing for a while and I´m not sure if I remember all of it anymore, but I´ll try :D. I didn´t go to a lot of workouts so it shouldn´t be so hard.



On the 5th of September I did the above workout. And I remember that I was really happy with it. I did it in 39.57 minutes if I recall correctly. I did knees to elbows instead of toes to bar. And I remember that one of the rounds I managed to do all 15 in one go and that felt so good!!



Saturday september 7th we did a Hero workout “Manion”. Which is 7 rounds of 400m run and 29! back squats 135/95lbs.

I did the back squats with 20kg bar and 10lbs on either side so that´s about 30kg. I think. I´m not sure if I remember correctly. Maybe it was a 15kg bar. I think it was 20 though… We had a timecap too, but I´m not sure what it was.. I think 40 minutes. I think I did 4 rounds.. But I don´t really remember this one very well. I do know that I really tried to do my squats properly and that it was quite heavy haha.




On the 9th of September I kind of screwed up. We started practising some technique for pistol squats and double unders. I managed to do 2 double unders in a row for the first time (until now I could only do one). After that we did Nancy: 5 rounds of a 400m run and 15 overhead squats. The overhead squat was a new move for me and it felt very awkward. Basically you hold the bar above your head with straight and locked arms. It feels like you´re over stretching them. You have to put pressure on (almost like you want to snap the bar) to make sure you don´t drop it. While keeping the bar up there you do squats (and feel like falling over :p). We did some practising with just a stick first and when it was time to do the wod I did it with a 15kg bar.

During round 2 I noticed my left arm had started sleeping. It slowed me down a bit because it was distracting. At some point I asked Rich if that is normal to happen and he said I shouldn´t worry about it. It didn´t hurt, so I continued. I don´t remember my time. We didn´t have a time cap so I did the full 5 rounds, but I didn´t look at the clock… The whole time my underarm and hand kept having the sleepy pins and needles feeling.

And this feeling never went away. I still have it now. It´s mostly only in my thumb now though. On Tuesday I went to the doctor and she sent me to the Neurologist on Wednesday. He told me I have a trapped nerve and to find out where it´s trapped I need to get an EMG scan. I´m getting that scan today. He also told me that I could do everything as normal as long as it doesn´t start hurting/gets worse. And it hasn´t gotten worse.. it doesn´t hurt. It´s just an annoying feeling. And to be sure I did decide to take it easy on the workouts. So I didn´t go to crossfit for a week.

Last Monday I finally went again. But I did skip on doing the Thrusters, as I didn´t want to have my arms overhead like that again before having my arm checked out properly.



Instead I used that time to practise my double unders. And this time I got up to 4 in a row! Progress!!

We didn´t end up doing Annie as too many people showed up. Instead we did 16 minutes AMRAP in pairs of 20 double unders/2o situps while the other one did a medballwalk up the hill. So basically one is doing as many double unders/situps in the time that the other takes a medball and runs it up the hill and back. We started before I even realized so we forgot to get some chalk to write down our reps, but I think we did pretty good. I just did singles instead of double unders though. I had been practising it before and just wanted to get a good workout in instead of stumbling around with the double unders.

Then, yesterday I went again.



We had a 36 minute time cap and I ended up doing 4 rounds in 36.5 minutes (with 10lbs ball). And now I feel completely worn out. This work out was so hard for some reason! I already had trouble getting through my reps in the first round. And during the first run I seriously thought about giving up because I struggled getting through it so much. But I kept going, albeit very slow. And when I finished my wall balls in the 4th round and the clock was on 35 minutes I considered of course to call it a day but ended up doing a sprint to try and make the run in the last minute anyway. So in the end I was happy with pushing through. But damn, do I feel it now! I haven´t felt this “empty” since the first week I started crossfit. It probably didn´t help that it was 30 degrees outside. But I think I could really feel that I haven´t done any sport really in the last week.

It´s been two months now since I started CrossFit and I´m still loving it. This month I don´t think I changed so much physically, but I can really feel the difference in my energy and strength. I did make some pictures the other day and I´ll post them later.

I really hope they can fix my sleepy thumb soon so I can stop worrying about it.

This Friday I fly to Holland for a 10 day holiday with my family. But I will be doing plenty of workouts there. I have a weekend at a waterpark, I am going to a Gladiator workout, doing a bootcamp training with a friend and at the end of the holiday I´m doing the Mudmasters MudRun, which is going to be such a fun challenge! I also want to check out the CrossFit box they have in my hometown :D. And in between I will relax and stuff my face with yummy Dutch snacks. I think this holiday will be a good one!! :D

WOD 15 August 2013 and 1 Month Progress

When I went to the box I had no idea what DBB meant. But when I arrived the 7pm group was just about to start it and Rich asked me to join them as my warm up.

DBB stand for Death By Burpees. And that´s exactly what it is. It starts of very slow and easy, but very quickly it becomes very hard. The way it works is that you start with doing 2 burpees in one minute. When the minute is over you have to do 4 burpees in one minute. Than 6, 8, 10 and so on. Until you can´t beat the clock anymore. The problem with this is that at the end you just about finish within the minute, meaning you don´t get any rest time before starting on the next set. I got up to 12 burpees in a minute. And then failed on the next one. In total I did 50 burpees. Nice warm up ;).

1st min: 2
2nd min: 4
3rd min: 6
4th min: 8
5th min: 10
6th min: 12
7th min: 8
Total burpees: 50

The WOD was 30 single handed kettle bell swings, 20 pistol squats and 10 hand stand push ups. AMRAP in 20 minutes.

Pistol squats are basically one legged squats. If you can do them it looks like this


Not necessarily on a kettle bell though. But this picture is too awesome not to use.

When I saw pictures of these squats before I didn´t think it was that hard. But try it! I can´t do it…! But, luckily, crossfit has a modification for everything, so also for this. What I did was stand on a box with one leg hanging from the side. And then try to squat, not bothering about having to put my hanging leg up. Like this:

The kb swings I did with 12kg. And instead of hand stand pushups I did the dreaded wall walks (I REALLY need to practise a handstand!!). Instead of 10 I only had to do 4 each round.

I only completed 4 rounds in 20 minutes. Which is not very good I think. But the wall walks are really a struggle for me.

Oki. So, like I said in last post, I took some pics before I started Crossfit and then exactly one month later. Find the differences! :p


I didn´t take a picture of my arms before I started. But I took one a couple of days ago. So will have to look again after another month.

I did tone up a bit I think. Which is nice :). It´s not just the crossfit though, I also started eating much better. It´s a struggle for me, because I´m horrible at cooking and I also don´t really have much knowledge on what is right and wrong. But I try and I do feel that I´m getting better at it every week. And that I´m learning more. I read a lot about the paleo principle, as a lot of people in crossfit are on a paleo diet. But I don´t really want to restrict myself too much, as I don´t really think it´s necessary to completely stop eating some types of food. But, I do think that the paleo lifestyle is probably the most healthy one. It´s all based on eating natural, real, unprocessed food. Loads of meat, fish and veggies. No sugar, starch, grains and dairy.

For me that means that I try to base my meals on meat, eggs, fish and veggies. But I do still eat dark chocolate, which has sugar. I do still have oatmeal for breakfast sometimes. I do still eat a bag of crisps or popcorn when I feel for it. And if I´m out for dinner or lunch I won´t think twice about ordering a sandwich.

But, I do try to eat less bread, less crackers (I changed my daily cracker with peanut butter to just a spoon of peanut butter haha), less sugar (no more cookies), less pasta and rice.

And, I must say, it´s starting to be easier. When you eat a lot of the stuff that is good for you, you have less cravings for the stuff that is bad for you. My breakfast is now much bigger (I used to eat 2 toast with chocolate spread every morning and now I eat two egs, bacon and a bunch of veggies for breakfast on most days) and so is my lunch. Dinner used to be my most important meal, but now it seems they are all equal.

When I started working out I didn´t care about my food habits at all. And I really didn´t want to get into it. It all seemed like such a hassle. And it is. A hassle. It´s not easy. But I noticed that it´s too important to ignore. If you want to work out and get fitter you will simply have to be aware of (and probably change) what you eat too.