Sickness and some workouts

Long time no writing, because long time no workouts. After that horrible Fran on Monday I got a bit sick. I had a really bad cold all of last week and really had cero energy. I think I kind of trained too much the week before and it just caught up to me. Also, pretty much everybody in my office was sick, so I think the bug just hit us all.

So, I didn’t go in at all last week, until Sunday when I decided to try and at least do something. I tried some jump ropes and rowing, but was still coughing quite a lot. Ended up doing some power cleans. I tried to make a Wendler schedule for it and started with that. I took my 100% 1RM instead of 90% though.. Don’t know if that’s smart….

Power Clean

5 x 80 lbs (36.3kg)
5 x 90 lbs (40.8kg)
5 x 100 lbs (45.4kg)

I wanted to do a bit more on that last set, but already failed my last one (before redoing it). So figured that was all the energy I had :p.

After this I did some more hand stand practicing. I do feel that I’m getting a bit better. But still not quite there yet. Rich started doing an EMOM and to at least get a little bit sweaty I decided to do a 10 min EMOM of

uneven min: 20 double unders
even min: 10 kb swings 16kg

Nothing very impressive.. but it was enough for me that day.

On Monday I felt a bit beat again, so didn’t go. Yesterday I didn’t have time to go to a class and I kind of felt horrible again. Coughing like a¬†chain-smoker¬†and headache.. but I had about 30 minutes to kill before having to pick my friend up at the airport so decided to go in for a little bit anyway.

I did Wendler’s deadlifts (Cycle D Week 1)


5 x 125 lbs (56.7kg)
5 x 145 lbs 65.8kg)
7 x 160 lbs (72.6kg)

My rep goal was 7 so happy that I got that. I used mixed grip for that last set. Felt I needed it :p. The 145 lbs felt quite heavy so wasn’t sure if I could do the 7 with 160 lbs, but it was easier than I thought.

After this I just did some hand stand practice again and some stretching.

Today I’m going in for my first real WOD since December 1st. Let’s hope I don’t pass out :p.

Weekend practice

I went in on both Saturday and Sunday morning.

On Saturday I did some double under practice and then practiced my hand stand push ups. It went really well! I used one abmat and did a couple of sets of 2 to 3 strict hand stand push ups. Then I also did a couple of sets of kipping hand stand push ups (max set I did was 5 reps). It felt really good!! I think I did a total of about 12 to 16 of strict hand stand push ups and about the same for the kipping ones.

On Sunday I did some more double under practice and then tried to find my 1 rep max for the power clean. I managed 120 lbs. I’m not fast enough though. I think if I work on my technique and speed I will be able to go up in weight too. I want to start doing cleans in my Wendler programming from now. So can work of this 1rm.

I used a new iphone app to make a slowmotion vid, which is kind of funny to see :). But ya, can really see that I don’t really get under it at all.. and slow in getting my elbows up. Need practice, practice, practice.

After that I practiced my hand stand for a little bit. I can’t stay up for more than 2 seconds yet, but am getting better at finding that “sticky point”. Now just need to stay in it.