WOD April 21, 2015


Back Squat 8-8-8-8

My workout:
8 x 40 kg
8 x 45 kg
8 x 50 kg
8 x 52.5 kg


“Annie” (10 min amrap)


  • double unders
  • abmat situps

My workout:
My Annie time (one full round) was 8 min and 2 seconds. Which is 2 min and 38 seconds faster than the last time I did Annie (July 2014). I was able to do my first 50 double unders unbroken and pretty much did all the situps unbroken as well. I messed up on my double unders a couple of times in the 40’s and 30’s, so still some room to improve there. Was happy with my time though. As it was a 10 min amrap I continued and completed another 50 double unders + 20 situps.

WOD March 6, 2015 (Open 15.2)

I knew I wasn’t going to be able to make it to the box this week. It was my last week in Spain before heading to Holland for three months. My dad arrived on Tuesday and just knew I wouldn’t have the opportunity to workout.

But, I did end up going on Friday morning at 7:30am. First time I ever went in the morning haha. And that before a 25 hour car drive :O.

Open 15.2

I went in to be able to do 15.2. Lucky for me it was only a veeeeery short workout. 15.2 was 14.2.. which is 2 rounds of 1o overhead squats at 65 lbs and 10 chest to bar pull ups. If you manage to do that within 3 minutes. You get another 3 minutes to perform 2 rounds of 12. You keep getting 3 more minutes for 2 more reps until you can’t manage within those 3 minues.

When this workout came up last year my open score ended right then and there as I couldn’t do overhead squats properly, let alone at this weight. This time I knew I was at least able to put a score down. I took 1 minute on my 10 overhead squats (they are still quite heavy for me!!) and then spent 2 minutes trying to get a chest to bar. Without luck hehe.

After doing this I could join in on the WOD of that day, which was


For time:

  • 150 double unders
  • 30 handstand pushups
  • 40 overhead lunches

My workout:
My double unders went awesome! I did the first 100 in 1 min 48 and then finished all of them within 2 min 56 :D. After that I messed up as I thought it was 50 handstand push ups.. I ended up doing 40 before finding out.. And then did 30 overhead lunches. My total time was 9 min 32.

After that I did:


In pairs (you go, I go) for time:

  • 2400km car drive

My workout:
Paired with my dad we took 24 hours and 45 minutes :). Started Friday 12:15pm and arrived Saturday 1pm.

WOD March 1, 2015


Open workout 15.1

9-minute AMRAP:

  • 15 toes-to-bars
  • 10 deadlifts
  • 5 snatches

 (M 115 lb. /  F 75 lb.)

Open workout 15.1a

1-rep-max clean and jerk

6-minute time cap

My workout:
So… my toes to bars are not great, but I didn’t think they would be this bad!! I struggled getting them… I kept having no reps by not getting to the bar with my toes.. So I think I spent the first 3 minutes on the first 15 ttb :s. The second round went a bit better, but 9 minutes is not a lot of time. In the end I didn’t even finish my second round and ended with 57 total reps. The snatches are quite heavy for met at this weight as well, so they slowed me down a bit too as had to do them in singles. After these 9 minutes we had to go straight into 15.1a and find the heaviest clean and jerk. I was quite happy as I did 115 lbs. My 1rm clean (power clean, I’m not comfortable doing squat cleans yet) is 120 lbs, so was pretty happy with that! It felt quite easy too. Wonder if I could have done more..

I filmed the whole workout, but my memory ran out so actually didn’t film anything but the first few toes to bar and then a whole bunch of failed reps :S. I asked my friend to video me when re-doing 115 lbs clean and jerk though. Which I managed to do again, but technique was not as nice as when I did it in the workout. I didn’t proper split jerk so didn’t get low enough and wasn’t able to fully extend my arms under the bar, so had to push it out. Which is a no rep in official weightlifting world. Luckily in CrossFit it counts.. but it’s just not pretty….

I wanted to redo this workout as I really felt I didn’t give it my all on the amrap.. and can do better. But unfortunately I didn’t have time to do it again before the deadline on Monday.


WOD January 26, 2015


“New CrossFit Total”

– 1RM Overhead Squat

– 1RM Bench Press

– 1RM Clean

My workout:
I was looking forward to this one.. It has been a long time since I tested out one rep maxes. I actually never tried it for the overhead squat as I am just happy to even do it with the bar hehe. I managed 65 lbs properly. I also did 2 reps with 70 lbs, but not sure if I went low enough.. So I’m going to set it at 65 lbs for now.

The bench press!! Last time I tried 1rm was before I started the Wendler schedule in July and it was 95 lbs. That felt so light now!! In the end I set my new pr at 115 lbs. I also tried 125 lbs and ALMOST got it. My spotter helped me in the end, he started helping me a bit premature I felt because I feel like maybe I would have gotten it.. but when I tried a second time I completely failed lol. Next time I should try 120 though.. pretty sure that I could have hit that. But ya, now my new pr is 115 lbs, which I’m still happy with :D.

After that it was time for the power clean. My PR for that one was 120 lbs which I set not too long ago (November 30), but I didn’t manage 120 lbs this time. I didn’t have much time as I took a bit longer on the bench press.. but managed a 115 lbs.. then failed twice on 120 lbs. So no new PR there.


– Death By Burpees

My workout:
Was actually looking forward to this one as well. I knew my burpees had improved so was sure that I would improve my score. I didn’t remember my old score though. In the end I came to the 15th rep in the minute I had to do 16. Such a shame I couldn’t squeeze that last one in to be able to go into the next minute!! Was still an improvement though from 65 total reps last August to 71 total reps now. :)


WOD January 2, 2015


– 10 Minutes To Find 3RM Thruster

My workout:
I paired up with this tiny but superstrong girl from Switzerland who dropped in on her holiday. She was amazing!! Pushed me to go heavier as well. I ended up doing 3 reps at 100 lbs (45.4kg).


15 – 12 – 9 reps of:

– Front Squats #135/95

– Handstand Push Ups

Rest 2 Mins:

– 3 x Max Hold Plank (Rest 30 seconds between sets)

My workout:
Finally back in the box after a full week of nothing. It felt really good. Even though the WOD was tough I finally felt super energized again after the workout, instead of feeling destroyed as I have felt mostly last month. That didn’t mean it wasn’t hard though. I used the Rx weight of 95 lbs, which is really heavy for my front squat. I realized just before we started that I should either take weight off or scale the reps. I didn’t have time to take weight off though so I decided to scale the reps to 9-6-3. Which was perfect. Both for the squats and for the handstand push ups as well. I did them strict with 1 plate under 1 abmat. I struggled on the very last one.. and ended with 6 minutes 45 seconds.

For the max plank holds I did:

1 min – 30 sec – 30 sec – 20 sec – 30 sec

Earlier on the day I walked 5km along the beach with Murphy.


WOD December 1, 2014


– 1RM Back Squat

– 1RM Shoulder Press

My workout:
Woohoo. I PR’d both my 1 rep maxes. :D And that while I was feeling a bit under the weather too. I almost decided not to train today. Because I’ve had this cough and been training so much last week. But I didn’t feel like going home straight from work either. So showed up in the end. I managed to get a 160 lbs (72.6kg) back squat. My last 1RM was 150 lbs in September. It was quite hard to get it up, but I managed :D. Then the shoulder press I managed 80 lbs (36.3kg). I think I might have been able to do a little more.. but didn’t want to push my luck.



21-15-9 reps of:

– Thrusters #95/65

– Pull Ups

My workout:
This is where the suck started. The last time I did Fran was in Estepona and I used 20kg and a band for the pull ups and did it in 8 minutes. This time I used 30kgs (65 lbs) and no band. I decided on scaling the reps instead. I wanted to do 15-9-6. But after the first 15 I already felt like I was dead.. so I faltered and only did 6 in the next round.. and then another 6 in the final round. It felt like giving up. Not a nice feeling. My time was 7 min 54. But I’m ashamed of changing the reps half through. Weak, weak, weak. And my time is quite bad if you consider the amount of reps.. I don’t know if me feeling crappy weighed in a bit.. but not happy about this workout.

Weekend practice

I went in on both Saturday and Sunday morning.

On Saturday I did some double under practice and then practiced my hand stand push ups. It went really well! I used one abmat and did a couple of sets of 2 to 3 strict hand stand push ups. Then I also did a couple of sets of kipping hand stand push ups (max set I did was 5 reps). It felt really good!! I think I did a total of about 12 to 16 of strict hand stand push ups and about the same for the kipping ones.

On Sunday I did some more double under practice and then tried to find my 1 rep max for the power clean. I managed 120 lbs. I’m not fast enough though. I think if I work on my technique and speed I will be able to go up in weight too. I want to start doing cleans in my Wendler programming from now. So can work of this 1rm.

I used a new iphone app to make a slowmotion vid, which is kind of funny to see :). But ya, can really see that I don’t really get under it at all.. and slow in getting my elbows up. Need practice, practice, practice.

After that I practiced my hand stand for a little bit. I can’t stay up for more than 2 seconds yet, but am getting better at finding that “sticky point”. Now just need to stay in it.



WOD November 24, 2014

We did Grace! And I improved :D.



For Time:

– 30 Clean and Jerks 135/95lbs

My workout:
Last time I did Grace was September 2 (that was also the first time I did Grace). Then I used 65 lbs (29.5kg) and took 4 min and 13 seconds. Today I used 70 lbs (31.8kg) and took 3 min and 58 seconds :D. Improvement!! Oh yea!! It didn’t go flawless though, I missed one rep because I hit my face with the bar :s. So I have a nice bump on my chin now. But other than that it went great! I’m putting on an extra 5 lbs again next time :D.

Before the WOD we did back squats, but with deload weights. I did 3 x5 with 95 lbs, 95 lbs and 115 lbs.

WOD September 24, 2014


– Deadlift 5-4-3-2-1


12 Mins EMOM:

– 3 Cleans & 1 Jerk

My workout:
We did the exercises in reverse order, so we first did the 12 min EMOM and finished with the deadlift. I did the EMOM with 65 lbs, which is not so heavy, but jeez that was hard!! I missed one squat in the 11th round so in that round I did 1 power clean, 2 cleans and 1 jerk. I was exhausted after this workout!!

We had a couple of minutes before starting with the deadlifts. I started at 5 x 135 lbs.. then Rich had the great idea of letting me show someone how to do rope climbs, so I did some rope climbs in between the deadlifts. Completely tiring me out!! Everyone was already finished with their deadlifts when I was supposed to do my 2 reps, so instead I just did the 1 rep max, which was a new PR!!! :D :D The whole set looked like this:

5 x 135 lbs
4 x 155 lbs
3 x 165 lbs
1 x 190 lbs !! whoohoo!!

WOD September 15, 2014


7 Sets:

– 1 Back Squat (Super Setted With 10 Ring Rows)

My workout
Whoo! I was looking forward to this one.. To try and go a bit heavier with my squat. And I did! I set a new pr at 150 lbs!! :D

Set 1: 1 squat at 105 lbs + 10 ring rows
Set 2: 1 squat at 115 lbs + 10 ring rows
Set 3: 1 squat at 125 lbs + 10 ring rows
Set 4: 1 squat at 135 lbs + 10 ring rows
Set 5: 1 squat at 140 lbs + 10 ring rows
Set 6: 1 squat at 145 lbs + 10 ring rows
Set 7: 1 squat at 150 lbs (forgot about the ring rows)


10 -1 Strict Pull Ups

1 -10 Handstand Push Ups

My workout
I was still suffering from a mad headache, which was only getting worse throughout the day, so I couldn’t bare the idea of going upside down so I skipped on the handstand pushups. I did normal pushups instead. At first I thought I’d do double the amount. But I quickly realized I would spend enough time getting the pull ups done to not have to compensate the push ups. I kind of miscounted in some places as well though.. It was a bit of a confusing one this one ;).

20 push ups
1 strict pull up
8 push ups
2 strict pull ups
7 push ups
3 strict pull ups
6 push ups
4 strict pull ups
5 push ups
2 strict pull ups + 3 with blue band
4 push ups
6 pull ups with blue band
3 push ups
7 pull ups with blue band
2 push ups
8 pull ups with blue band (kipping a bit)
1 push up
9 pull ups with blue band (kipping

Time: 10 min 45 seconds.