Wendler Week 3, Bench Press and Back Squat

So.. I finally did some strength training again.

Started with bench.. I didn’t have a spotter so didn’t go all out on the last set so I only did 7.. I should really not do bench without a spotter… cause I can do so much more than 7 and is just a waste when I don’t do as much as I can…


I did 3 reps of pull ups between every set.

After that I did back squat.


I filmed my back squat to see my form. I was unpleasantly surprised by how far forward I lean when doing them. I should really spend a lot of time on my mobility to be able to stay upright more. No wonder I have so much trouble doing front squats…. Also.. my depth… I hit parallel, but don’t break it. So should try and go deeper as well. Videoing yourself is so depressing lol… but learn a lot from it. I will post the video later.

After the back squats I finished with 50 kbs wings and 30 kb lunges with a 16kg kettlebell (sets of 10).

According to the Wendler program you have a deload week after the third week. But since I just had a long break from the program I’m going to skip the deload week and head straight into Fase 2 Week 1.




A tiny break – some Wendler videos – WODing in my hometown

It’s been 14 days since my last post! What happened there? Well, a whole lot! I became an auntie again!!! I am proud auntie of little Kyan who was born on August 10, 2014. He came a month earlier than planned which made me go on an impromptu trip to Holland to be with my family.

photo 2

However, before I went to Holland on the 9th I did do a workout here in Spain on the 6th. I just didn’t have time to post about it yet. I did Wendler Week 3, Day 1, Shoulder Press and Day 2, Deadlift.

Shoulder Press

As you can see I messed up the weights on the warming up big time. I don’t know how I got so confused, but the first set felt really heave haha. Wonder why :p.

I actually filmed my last set (7 reps of 60). I was curious to see my form and thought I could learn from it. I filmed a bit too low though, so can’t see my extension. But it might be fun to keep for future comparison anyway.

After the shoulder press I went straight into the deadlifts.



And I filmed those two. My second set and the last one. And these are actually quite useful, because I can see that I need to straighten my back more on the first rep (I think it looks ok on the last 2 reps?) and I think that I should put my feet a little bit closer together and/or push my knees out more. My legs look a little bit wobbly.

Also. Note to self. Control the pain face! lol

I don’t remember all my assistance work.. I think I tried some GHD situps, which were surprsingly hard (going down). I do remember I did 5 rounds of 3 strict dips and 3 strict pull ups.

So.. after that workout it’s been kind of quiet. The time in Holland was so hectic that I barely had time for myself, let alone workout. I did however manage to visit the local CrossFit box one evening for a workout. And I was very impressed. I didn’t expect too much of a box in Lelystad. Lelystad is quite a small city and for some reason I didn’t think a CrossFit box in Lelystad would be very big or good. But I was very, very wrong!!! Great box, with a lot of space and high quality equipment. And a great coach!! I thoroughly enjoyed my session there and learned a lot too!

photo (10)

I went on Wednesday the 13th and the WOD was


  • 3 min AMRAP
    30 double unders
    10 handstand push ups

Rest 3 min

  • 3 min AMRAP
    30 double unders
    10 ringdips

Rest 3 min

  • 3 min AMRAP
    30 double unders
    10 push ups

My workout
The WOD itself was nothing special, but I was very impressed with the warm up, how it was planned out to match the wod. I had to do things I’ve never done before (worm to downward facing dog comes to mind). After the warming up we worked on skills, which mostly meant working on a kipping handstand push up. I only every practiced this once before and was happy to get some useful pointers on how to do this properly. I learned a lot in the short time spent on this!!

For the workout I scaled the reps of the hand stand pushups to 5 and I managed to do 5 of them kipping and unbroken. My double unders were absolute crap. They got better each round though. I think I had to get used to the rope a tiny little bit and lets be honest.. my double unders are just one big mess sometimes. In the first amrap I only got to a total reps of 65. The second amrap I did the dips eccentric and got to 68 reps. The third amrap went the best and I got to 80 reps.

After the WOD we spent time on a thought out cooling down, which involved “smashing” some muscles. Also something new for me.

I am honestly very impressed with CrossFit Lelystad and will definitely join for the 3 week period when I’ll be in my hometown in October/November!

SUP and Wendler Week 2, Day 4, Back Squat

I started the Sunday with some stand up paddle! Didn’t get very far though, because it was a little bit wavey and my friends didn’t manage to stand up on their board lol. So I just went around in circles near the beach haha.

I used a board of a friend of mine and it’s much smaller than the standard board you can rent so in the beginning it felt really wobbly, but after a couple of minutes I got used to it and felt more confident. I really love being on the water. I jumped in for a little swim as well, but it was surprisingly cold!! Hard to imagine I swam 3km in the same cold water just a couple of weeks ago!






After that lovely morning on the water we went for some nice sardinas and beer at the chiringuito (gotta love Spanish life!). In the afternoon my friend told me he was going for a workout and for some reason I felt for going as well. So I went to the box and did some squats. I didn’t feel for doing much else though. We warmed up with 3 rounds of

  • 20 sec double unders
  • 10 sec rest
  • 20 sec air squats
  • 10 sec rest
  • 20 sec push ups
  • 10 sec rest
  • 20 sec sit ups
  • 10 sec rest

Then I did my squats. They continue to be the hardest of the 4 Wendler movements for me.


I messed up the weights on the 2nd set, but I guess it doesn’t matter much. The 3 reps are no problem at all with these weights. But it does get quite hard quite fast doing anything more than that.

After the squats I did 50 jumping lunges (5 sets of 10) and then I spent some time practicing my overhead squat (first with a broomstick and then with a 15kg bar).

Wendler Week 2, Day 2 and 3, Deadlift and Bench Press

After a rest day on Thursday I had a great training day on Friday. After a short row and some mobility I did a warm up together with Rich of 5 minutes of 25 double unders on the minute. I quickly started messing them up :s. I don’t know what it is.. but it’s so easy to lose that stupid movement. After doing them so good for the last couple of times I really felt like a clumsy fool again today. But all in all.. still managed to do 25 within each minute, so can’t complain too much.

Then it was time for some deadlifts.


After the deadlifts I tried some one-legged bodyweight deadlift, which I read about here.

Then I moved onto the bench press.


I was smart enough to ask for a spotter this time and managed to do 11! with the same weight as last week.

I still feel that the rep scheme is so low for this strength program. 3 sets of such little reps… it’s done within 10 minutes!

After the bench press I did a 10 minute EMOM of 2 pull ups on the uneven numbers and 2 dips on the even. I think next time I will try 3 every minute. The last dips did already get quite hard though.

After this I did 5 rounds for time of 5 front squats at 75lbs and 10 puhs ups, which I did in 9min53sec.

I finished with 50 pistol squats from a box (25 each leg).

Wendler Week 1, Day 3, Back Squat + Week 2, Day 1, Shoulder Press

After being lazy all weekend it was time for some work again. I started with the back squat.


I joined in with the class for the warm up. They were doing 3 sets of 20(!!) back squats for their workout. Was tempting to join in with them, but I stuck to my program.. :).

In between the sets I did 3 strict pull ups (so 3×3 total).

Squats are the hardest of the 4 movements for me I think.

After the squat I went straight into the week 2 program for the Shoulder Press.


It was quite heavy with 60! Hope I can do a bit more next time.

For assistance work I did

  • 20 one legged squats from box (1o each leg)
  • 10×2 dips
  • 10×2 pull ups

Afterwards I practiced some more with the pistol squats. Trying to do them from the ground properly. I can do them coming down to parallel, but whenever I break parallel for a proper squat I fall flat on my ass or simple can’t get back up haha.

Today I’m going to join in on the normal WOD. Kind of miss them!!

Wendler Week 1, Day 3, Bench Press


I think I was done with the bench press in less than 10 minutes! The weights felt so light….. But the final round I did only 8 reps… I didn’t have a spotter (could have asked someone, but for some reason felt stupid :s) so didn’t want to risk getting stuck under the bar hehe. But think I probably could have done 9 or 10.. but now I’ll never know. I don’t know why, but sometimes I feel awkward doing these things. I find it hard to take myself seriously, especially with such low weights and then I feel a bit embarrassed I guess. But I’m going to stick to this program!!

I did way less chin ups than programmed.. I just can’t do loads of them and I did them strict so I think this was ok. While I was driving home I realized that I should have done 3 reps strict and then do the other 2 eccentric. Will make sure to do that next time.

After the above work I finished with a 1km row (in 4 minutes 39 seconds).

Wendler Week 1, Day 2, Deadlift

Day 2 of my Wendler program covered the deadlift!


I had a little bit less of a clear idea of what to do for assistance work this day. Wendler’s bodyweight template had GHR and leg raises listed, but I wasn’t sure if I could do GHR’s on a GHD so I thought I’d maybe have to swap those for Good Mornings. As it turned out I could do them on the GHD, kind of.. but they are a very new movement to me and I thought they were quite hard! So I did 5×5 of those. I wanted to do hanging leg raises after that, but…. I can’t really do them!!! I am so inflexible it’s not normal… I should practice them. I think they are the same as Toes to Bar, but without kipping. And pfff.. hard!!! So I switched to doing 10 good mornings (not sure why I didn’t try normal leg raises), but this is also a movement that I’ve only done once before and I don’t feel 100% confident that I’m doing it right, so after the first 10 I switched to front squats. So yea.. a bit of a messy day.

After the assistance work I did 50 russian twists with a 25lbs plate.

The deadlifts felt fine :).

Wendler Week 1, Day 1, Shoulder Press

It was my first day of strength training and I loved it!

Shoulder press was on the program. I had to be a bit creative with the weights as the prescribed weights didn’t match the weights to my disposable exactly.

(All weights are in pounds.)

The training itself felt really light. Too light to be honest. But I have to trust in Wendler. It’s all about the last set I guess. Going for max repetitions. I got to 10, which made me happy as it indicates a higher 1rm than the 70lbs that I’m on. I did the first warm up round with a dumbbell btw, as the lightest barbell we have is 15kg (33lbs).

The assistance work was actually harder than the training. I did 1 set of 10 pull ups first, with a medium resistance band so that I could do them strict. I think I will do them without a band next time and just do more smaller sets, like I did with the dips. The dips were ring dips and of course I can’t do 10 unbroken so I broke them up into 5 sets of 2, which went great! Then back to 10 pull ups. And then back to ring dips. I failed my last rep so did 9 total on the second round. I then did another round of pull ups and finished with 1 dip to get to 20 total.

After this I joined in on the WOD.


12 minute EMOM of 5 power cleans

My workout
I used 65 lbs, which I think is a bit too light for me, because it was very easy.

Finding my 1 rep max

Both my coach and my friend (my go-to fitness guru) think implementing Wendler as the schedule I posted earlier is a great idea. So now I just had to know my 1 rep max for the four movements to be able to get started with it. I already knew my shoulder press, because we did shoulder presses a week ago and my one rep max for that is 70 lbs. I never really tried for a one rep max back squat, but in a workout about 2 weeks ago the heaviest I could go was 135 lbs so I’m going to set that as my 1 rep max.

So then it was just the deadlift and bench press yet to be determined. I decided to skip the Saturday morning WOD and instead come in to find my 1 rep max. My four rep maxes are now set to be the following.

Shoulder Press 70 lbs (32kg)

Deadlift 175 lbs (79.5kg)

Bench Press 95 lbs (43kg)

Back Squat 135 lbs (61kg)

So these numbers are going to be what I will base the percentages of the Wendler workouts off. I can’t wait to get started!!

It’s also interesting to see, if I compare my maxes to this sheet of strength goals based on body weight, that I am on intermediate level with back squat and strict press, but not with deadlift and bench press.


I can’t wait to see where I will be a couple of months from now!

My new place for tracking my (CrossFit) workouts!

It is a a couple of days over a year ago that I started doing CrossFit and created the site www.crossfitrookie.net to track my progress. I was less than loyal to updating the site and missed tracking a lot of workouts in the progress. But as I want to keep getting more serious about my training I think I should put new effort into tracking my workouts/progress accurately. July 15 starts my second year of CrossFit. I let www.crossfitrookie.net expire, because I don’t think my tracking-log needs its own domain, so this will be my new location for keeping track.

I am not going to copy all posts from my last blog into this one. I will start keeping track from the day my second year of CrossFit started, which is July 16.

I will, however, include the benchmark results on the benchmark page, from dates before this. If I logged them.

After a year I am still so excited about CrossFit, even more than I was a year ago. I can’t get enough of it and I can’t get enough of doing more and learning more and progressing more. To get a bit more structure into my workouts I’ve decided to start a strength routine next to the WOD’s that I do. I’m talking to my coach on how to implement this properly, but it looks like I’ll be starting the Wendler 5-3-1- routine (go to this page for a quick overview of what this entails).

I want to show my coach this program to hear what he thinks.