Track work February 26, 2015

On Wednesday I went to the box, but didn’t do much that’s worth writing down. I wanted to do some deadlifts.. but everything felt really heavy. I did a couple of sets, but.. like I said.. nothing with a specific purpose or worth writing down.

On Thursday I went to the running track in the morning. After the horrible sprints the other day I figured I should work on my weakness. In Estepona there is a free sports park with tracks and everything, so I went there. Did one lap on the 400m course first to warm up.. And then did five 100m sprints at full effort. I didn’t time the rest in between, but took at least a couple of minutes of rest between each round.

Sprint 1: 17 sec 34
Sprint 2: 17 sec 72
Sprint 3: 18 sec 33
Sprint 4: 18 sec 33
Sprint 5: 17 sec 71

It is actually really hard to time yourself during these things.. so those times are probably a little off. I used my phone stopwatch.. so have to look for the button on the screen as well, instead of being able to keep your finger on the button for more accuracy.

Anyway.. I have no clue if those times are horrific or only mildly bad, but I hope I can motivate myself to practice them more often. After the sprints I did a 1km cooldown jog.

That was yesterday. And today I seriously have the worst muscle ache I’ve had in ages!! My legs already started hurting yesterday (almost immediately after the run), but today my abs and sides are hurting as well!! Never knew sprinting was so intense!!




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