Weekend practice

I went in on both Saturday and Sunday morning.

On Saturday I did some double under practice and then practiced my hand stand push ups. It went really well! I used one abmat and did a couple of sets of 2 to 3 strict hand stand push ups. Then I also did a couple of sets of kipping hand stand push ups (max set I did was 5 reps). It felt really good!! I think I did a total of about 12 to 16 of strict hand stand push ups and about the same for the kipping ones.

On Sunday I did some more double under practice and then tried to find my 1 rep max for the power clean. I managed 120 lbs. I’m not fast enough though. I think if I work on my technique and speed I will be able to go up in weight too. I want to start doing cleans in my Wendler programming from now. So can work of this 1rm.

I used a new iphone app to make a slowmotion vid, which is kind of funny to see :). But ya, can really see that I don’t really get under it at all.. and slow in getting my elbows up. Need practice, practice, practice.

After that I practiced my hand stand for a little bit. I can’t stay up for more than 2 seconds yet, but am getting better at finding that “sticky point”. Now just need to stay in it.



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