Weighted run

I’m not sure this is worth mentioning here, but I am always a bit proud when I run, because I dislike it so much. So, I am mentioning it!! Haha.

Yesterday I had to bring my car to the garage, which is about 3.5km from work, so I decided to walk from there to work in the morning. Then in the afternoon when I had to walk back to pick it up it was mostly downhill, so I decided to run some parts :D. I had a 5.5kg backpack on so the run was quite slow (although when I look at my pace it was not that bad at all really). It was quite nice actually. Especially running downhill is such a happy thing to do. I think the main reason why I hate running so much during WOD’s is because the run that we have to do at CrossFit is partly uphill. Which is where I struggle the most.

Anyway, this was my walk/run/walk with a backpack yesterday.





I didn’t feel for working out after that though, so no WOD this day.



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