Wendler Cycle B and Month Overview

I almost forgot to post a monthly overview! Cycle B of Wendler is done. I’m in the deload week now.


I can say I’ve had some great moments and some disappointing ones in this cycle. I think I greatly improved on my squat in the last few weeks. But not happy at all with my shoulder press. I have not been able to feel comfortable and strong doing the press this whole cycle and it’s pissing me off. Bench and deadlifts are going great as I feel I can keep up with the rep goal’s set by my fancy excel sheet.

My last squat session was very disappointing, but I’m going to assume that that was just a bad day and not a reflection on my progress. (fingers crossed)

I still find it very hard to combine this program with normal crossfit sometimes. That’s why I missed a bench press day.. I chose to do a lot of bench press that week within a WOD, but that meant I didn’t have time to do the Wendler workout. I hope I’m not in the way of my own progress by mixing it up and not being very strict about the days (and days in between) I do the Wendler workouts.

Then my month schedule.


A lot more WOD’s and a lot less Wendler. And still a lot of rest days too. I think next month will be better. Although I still workout more than I rest.. Because obviously all the workouts together are 58% versus 42% rest. But I think it should be more like 70% workout, 30% rest (which would be 5 days work vs 2 days rest per week).

Overall I did really feel like I was making progress this month. Feeling stronger, learning new skills (standing on one hand, pistol squats) and feeling fitter too! I still suck at cardio and at some point I will have to start spending more time on that. But for now it’s all about strength (y).

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