Wendler Cycle B Week 1 Back Squat and Bench Press

After having a mega rough day at work I was so happy to walk into the box to do some heavy lifting. After seeing my form for the back squat in last weeks video I made sure I warmed up properly and practiced some deep air squats. I didn’t film myself this time so I can’t know for sure if my depth was good enough, but I think it was. I made a point of really going deep (which is probably just below parallel for me) and pausing at the bottom before going back up. It felt really good!! I still find squats the hardest exercise… but I was able to reach my rep goal of 8 on the last set.

Back Squat

5 x 85 lbs
5 x 100 lbs
8 x 110 lbs

I started with some warm up sets and in between all sets (so 6 sets total) I did 3 chin ups (strict).

Then I did bench press. I had a spotter for the last set so was able to go far beyond my rep goal of 9 by setting a new best at 12 reps of 75 lbs (according to the 1rm calculator that means my 1rm is about 110!!!! wooowww!!)

Bench Press

5 x 60 lbs
5 x 70 lbs
12 x 75 lbs

Afterwards I practiced some strict handstand pushups by doing 6 singles with 1 abmat and then 2 sets of 5 with 2 abmats.

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