Wendler Cycle B Week 1 Shoulder Press and Deadlift

Yesterday I started the second “cycle” of the Wendler program. It didn’t go so well. I felt really weak! It was over 3 weeks ago that I last did the shoulder press and deadlift so I guess I should have expected a bit of decrease… but was hoping to at least hit the same reps as last time. Because the last set of the previous time was the same weight as this week so I was a bit disappointed that I did worse instead of better.

I started with


5 x 110 lbs
5 x 130 lbs
8 x 145 lbs

Which was ok, because according to my rep goal calculator my aim was to get at least 7 reps on the last set and I got 8, so all good!


Shoulder Press

5 x 45 lbs
5 x 55 lbs
7 x 60 lbs

And here it is the exact opposite. My aim was to get at least 8 reps and I only got 7 :(.

In between the shoulder press sets I did 3 strict pull ups each time.

Not a very active day in terms of assistance work… but was still feeling my muscles from the day before (clean & jerks).. Hopefully I will feel stronger next time!!

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