Wendler Cycle B Week 2 Deadlift

Deadlift, deadlift, deadlift… I have been reading Starting Strength: Basic Barbell Training by Mark Rippetoe over the weekend which gives a lot of information and cues on proper form and execution. I was focusing so much on my form during this workout though that it felt 10 times harder somehow. And it didn’t look much better…

Since I was only doing deadlift today I did a loooot of them. After a couple of warmup sets I did the Wendler sets. My rep goal for the last set was 7, which I met (but barely).


3 x 120 lbs
3 x 135 lbs
7 x 155 lbs

After that I was kind of curious to see if I could lift 185 lbs, since the rep goal calculator indicates that that should be my 1RM now. I know Wendler says that you shouldn’t “test” your 1RM too often, but I couldn’t resist. At first I tried with my normal grip.. and failed. But I read in Mark Rippetoe’s book that if you try the one hand reverse grip that you will most likely be able to lift more. Simple because you are stronger than your grip and your brain won’t let you lift what it knows your grip can’t handle. How smart is our brain? Hehe. And it worked! I was able to lift 185 lbs! Whoop whoop! Although I guess it’s not much progress in 5 weeks.. only 10 lbs… but I want to stick to this program. My goal is not too gain strength as fast as possible.

After that I did 3 sets of 10 with 115 lbs. Which were quite hard as well. I was struggling with my grip a lot. At that point I kind of started wondering if I was maybe doing too much, but was still happy I got all that work in.

After being done with my deadlifts I felt a tiny little bit tempted to join in on the WOD after. Or just 1 round maybe.. The WOD was this

2 Rounds For Time (2 minutes rest between rounds):

– 80 Double Unders (2:30 minute time cap)

– 60 Box Jump Overs #24/20

– 40 KB Swings

– 20 Burpees

Cash Out: 2 Minutes Max Burpee Box Jump Overs

It may sound weird, but that looks like fun to me.  (The painful kind of fun, but fun.) But when I grabbed a jump rope and did 40 double unders (unbroken whoop whoop) I felt that it probably wasn’t the best idea to join in after all. Because after those 40 my whole body was shaking from exhaustion lol. What I did do though, was join in with two of my friends who were trying to do a handstand on one hand. I had never tried this before and I actually managed to do it!! After a couple of failed tries I found my balance and was able to stand there on one hand for about 5 seconds. So cool! For someone that couldn’t even do a normal handstand a year ago things like this feel really really good!!!

My friend took a picture of what is actually one of my failed attempts (couldn’t really find my balance here), but nobody was paying attention when I did manage lol so don’t have a “perfect” pic, but this one is cool enough :D.


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