Wendler Cycle B Week 3 Bench Press and Back Squat

On Friday I went in for some strength training. I started with bench press.

Bench Press

5 x 70 lbs
3 x 75 lbs
10 x 85 lbs

This means that I skipped week 2 for bench press and went straight into week 3. Bench press is still going so much better than shoulder press. I wonder why….

In between sets (started after the last warm up set) I did 10 pushups. So 40 push ups in total.

Then I did a 15 minute EMOM of

2 dips
3 chin ups
10 push ups

So that’s another 50 push ups, 15 chin ups and 10 dips. I had to skip a minute after 3 rounds and for the last 2 rounds I had to use a kip in the dips to be able to complete them.

Then I wanted to do the back squat. Which, in retrospect, was maybe a bad idea. Because even though my legs were fresh, I was kind of tired from above work and I think that affected my squats, because I did HORRIBLY!!

Back Squat

5 x 100 lbs
3 x 110 lbs
3 x 125 lbs

My rep goal was 7 on the last one, but that third last rep felt so heavy and I think I didn’t even break parallel on that last one so had to call it quits.

After that I did 3 rounds for time of

10 pistol squats (alternating)
20 sit ups

I did the pistol squats the only way I can now do them, with a 10 lbs plate held in front of me and my heel elevated on a plate. I love that I can do them now though! They are so hard, but really feels like my legs will get stronger fast when practicing these!! My time was 7 min and 50 seconds.

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