Wendler Cycle C Week 1 Back Squat

It is nice to have a visitor who likes to work out. Gives me motivation to do more too :D. ¬†We went to the box today as Rich opened it in the morning for open gym. Maciek didn’t know what CrossFit was when I first told him that that’s what I do. But he Googled it and now he wants to try it. Today we just did strength training, because there was no class. But on Wednesday he will come with me to a class. He already said that he liked the atmosphere in the box much better than a normal gym though (he normally works out at home).

I did my Wendler program for the back squat. And it went super great!!

Back Squat

5 x 90 lbs
5 x 105 lbs
10 x 120 lbs

My rep goal was only 7 on the last set. And I managed 10!! I think all with good depth!! Yay :D.

After that I did 3 rounds of 25 russian twists and 15 lunges (both with 20 lbs). And finished with a 1k row.

I did a lot of foam rolling today as well. My legs were hurting a lot since Friday (not sure from what) and the foam roller helped a lot.

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