Wendler Cycle C Week 1 Bench Press (kind of)

I have Shin and Maciek over from London for a week. And Maciek has been working out a lot so he really wanted to go to the gym today. The box wasn’t open so we looked up a gym in Estepona where we could drop in for free.

After wandering around the gym for a while, feeling a bit lost, I figured I could do my bench press. But I didn’t bring my notebook.. AND all the weights in the gym are in kg’s (as every other normal European gym except our box of course). So I kind of just did whatever felt right….

I started with a 5min run on the treadmill to warm up. Then for the bench press I did:

Bench Press

5 x 30kg (66 lbs)
5 x 35kg (77 lbs)
13 x 35kg (77 lbs)

I did 2 strict pull ups after each set.

So… I wasn’t that far off if I compare it to what I was supposed to do (5 x 60 lbs, 5 x 70 lbs, 12 x 80 lbs). Not too bad at all!

After that I was a bit lost again.. I had planned to also do the back squats, but they didn’t have a squat rack! They had a smith machine.. but I didn’t want to use that.

After looking lost again for a little bit I discovered a fun little area where they had some kettlebells and a dip station. So I did 3 rounds of

15 kettlebell swings
2 pull ups (from handles that they normally use for wall climbing)
5 dips

I finished off with 10 pushups and some playing around on the TRX that I also found somewhere.

I still feel a bit awkward in a gym somehow. But it’s nice to know that if needed I have a gym nearby to do some exercise at.

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