Wendler Week 1, Day 2, Deadlift

Day 2 of my Wendler program covered the deadlift!


I had a little bit less of a clear idea of what to do for assistance work this day. Wendler’s bodyweight template had GHR and leg raises listed, but I wasn’t sure if I could do GHR’s on a GHD so I thought I’d maybe have to swap those for Good Mornings. As it turned out I could do them on the GHD, kind of.. but they are a very new movement to me and I thought they were quite hard! So I did 5×5 of those. I wanted to do hanging leg raises after that, but…. I can’t really do them!!! I am so inflexible it’s not normal… I should practice them. I think they are the same as Toes to Bar, but without kipping. And pfff.. hard!!! So I switched to doing 10 good mornings (not sure why I didn’t try normal leg raises), but this is also a movement that I’ve only done once before and I don’t feel 100% confident that I’m doing it right, so after the first 10 I switched to front squats. So yea.. a bit of a messy day.

After the assistance work I did 50 russian twists with a 25lbs plate.

The deadlifts felt fine :).

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