Wendler Week 1, Day 3, Back Squat + Week 2, Day 1, Shoulder Press

After being lazy all weekend it was time for some work again. I started with the back squat.


I joined in with the class for the warm up. They were doing 3 sets of 20(!!) back squats for their workout. Was tempting to join in with them, but I stuck to my program.. :).

In between the sets I did 3 strict pull ups (so 3×3 total).

Squats are the hardest of the 4 movements for me I think.

After the squat I went straight into the week 2 program for the Shoulder Press.


It was quite heavy with 60! Hope I can do a bit more next time.

For assistance work I did

  • 20 one legged squats from box (1o each leg)
  • 10×2 dips
  • 10×2 pull ups

Afterwards I practiced some more with the pistol squats. Trying to do them from the ground properly. I can do them coming down to parallel, but whenever I break parallel for a proper squat I fall flat on my ass or simple can’t get back up haha.

Today I’m going to join in on the normal WOD. Kind of miss them!!

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