Wendler Week 3, Bench Press and Back Squat

So.. I finally did some strength training again.

Started with bench.. I didn’t have a spotter so didn’t go all out on the last set so I only did 7.. I should really not do bench without a spotter… cause I can do so much more than 7 and is just a waste when I don’t do as much as I can…


I did 3 reps of pull ups between every set.

After that I did back squat.


I filmed my back squat to see my form. I was unpleasantly surprised by how far forward I lean when doing them. I should really spend a lot of time on my mobility to be able to stay upright more. No wonder I have so much trouble doing front squats…. Also.. my depth… I hit parallel, but don’t break it. So should try and go deeper as well. Videoing yourself is so depressing lol… but learn a lot from it. I will post the video later.

After the back squats I finished with 50 kbs wings and 30 kb lunges with a 16kg kettlebell (sets of 10).

According to the Wendler program you have a deload week after the third week. But since I just had a long break from the program I’m going to skip the deload week and head straight into Fase 2 Week 1.




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