I got my first war mark! Looks like I got a tiny little bruise from holding the weight-bar against my collarbone. If you look closely, you might see it :p.


Other than that.. OMG at the soreness! Yesterday I didn´t feel anything, but last night, after I went for a run, suddenly BAM! muscle ache all over my body!

About that run.. I know this is a CrossFit blog, but at the same time that I´m embarking on this CrossFit journey I´m also trying to be able to run 10km in one go. Which is going to be so, so hard. I´m still struggling to finish a 5km run at the moment. I can do it, but it´s very very hard. Yesterday I ran exactly 5km. I didn´t stop to walk at any time but my pace was very slow.


I really need to practise more. But with the heat here in Southern Spain it´s starting to be difficult to find the energy to go for it.

I still need to update the ´About´ page, but the main reason I want to be able to run 10km (and also one of the reasons that I started CrossFit) is that I signed up for a mud race in September. It´s a 12km run, parts of it through heavy mud, with military-style obstacles throughout. It looks like a lot of fun, but it also looks very difficult! So, I definitely need to be fitter than I am now to not die while trying to finish it ;). More info on the mud race can be found here.

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