WOD 30 September, 2014 + Barbell Class

I had to drag myself into the box. I was so tired! But, I didn’t want to miss the barbell class and then I could choose between doing nothing for an hour or doing CrossFit. So.. you know.. not much of a choice there :p.


Mini Triple 3

  • Row 1.5k
  • 150 double unders
  • Run 1.5 miles (6 laps)

My workout:
I did the row in 6 min 49 seconds. Then I completely sucked at the double unders and finished them when the clock was at 15 min 15. Then I went for 3 half assed laps.. with some walking and jogging.. not much running.. I felt kind of dead at this point. Stopping at 3 laps also meant I had 5 minutes to recover before joining the Barbell Class. My end time was 24 min 50 seconds (pretty horrible).

Barbell Class!

photo (13)

We did some nice mobility work. These are all very nice tricks and things to learn as I can use them whenever I train on my own :). They are hard to explain here though… But I’ll try.

  • We did footwork to imitate the start and landing position of the snatch. We used plates to ensure we landed on the same spot every time.
  • We used one band looped through another to put pressure on the back muscle. Holding the band and stretching it out in top snatch position.
  • We used a plate on a kettlebell so it is in a diognal with the bottom part against the wall. Then you step on it with both feet, with your back against the wall. This forces your feet to stand with the toes up. Which is good for ankel mobility (one of my weak spots).

Then we did a couple of halting snatch deadlifts (see last post) with just the bar and practiced doing the second pull properly and with good speed. After this we put on some weight and did 7 min EMOM of 2 high pulls + 1 power snatch. I had a 15kg bar and only put on 10 lbs plates. (It is all still for practicing good form after all.)

After this we were supposed to do 5 sets of 5 of those Sotts (?) presses. Which is where you have the bar on your back as in a back squat. Squat down and then from there try to push the bar up (with snatch grip). And this 5 times. This was almost impossible for me!! I only used the 15kg bar and barely managed to do 1 rep for 5 sets. It is both a mobility and a strength thing I think, but crap.. I need to practice that more!!

We finished with 50 hollow rocks (which I should also do more often, because ouch!).

After this we did some stretching and some of the guys started practicing handstand walks. And they were good at it too!! Bunch of acrobats. I tried some freestanding handstands, but no luck yet. I’m a bit too scared of falling over I think.. Hard to find balance when you are afraid to go all the way up to the sticky point :p.

It is amazing to me how I can turn up at the box without any energy at all, kind of just wanting to skip it and hang on the couch all evening, and whenever I do go I just get so much energy from it. I do hope I will feel a bit more energized again throughout the day though. This week has been tough so far!

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