WOD August 14, 2017

I use this blog a lot to make up workouts for my friends nowadays and enjoy reading back about my earlier workouts so much that I want to try to start writing out my workouts here again. I’ve still been keeping track of my workouts, but I use the website www.beyondthewhiteboard.com now. It’s a handy tool to keep track of your benchmarks and fitness level, but it’s more fore statistics and not so much to read back.

So.. here goes.


5 rounds of:

  • 200m dumbbell farmers carry
  • 20 dumbbell pushups
  • 10 dumbbell shoulder to overhead

My workout:
In the practice round I used 2x 15kg dumbbelss, but that was too heavy. So in the workout I used 12,5kg. That was still very heavy!! I had to put them down multiple times during the farmers walk. The push ups were ok. The shoulder to overhead hard but ok as well. But that farmers walk… prrrfffff. My grip and forearms!!

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