WOD August 25, 2014

I started so good last week with working out Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, but that’s kind of where it stopped. I still haven’t picked up on the Wendler routine yet either. Lets say I’ve had a bit of a summer break. But determined to train hard again from now on!!

Yesterday I did the WOD.


Back Squat 5 x 7

EMOM 10 Mins “Pull/Push”

– 5 Pull Ups

– 10 Push Ups

My workout
Back squat: 7 x 75 lbs, 7 x 95 lbs, 7 x 105 lbs, 7 x 115 lbs, 7 x 120 lbs. I did the pull ups kipping, without band and the push ups hand release.


3 Rounds For Time:

– 10 Deadlifts

– 10 Weighted Lunges

– 1 Hill Sprint

My workout
I did the deadlifts with 105 lbs and the lunges with a 25 lbs dumbbell. My time was 17 m 47. Horrible!!!

I didn’t do much over the weekend as I was mostly hiding from the sun. I went out with the kayak on Saturday, but the sea was a bit “wild” with waves coming from all sides lol. I got a bit nervous for some reason so went back very quickly.


On Sunday I went for a walk. I love the nature here… The sea in front, but when feel for a change I can just walk up and enjoy the Spanish “campo”.


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